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Jim Moreno is a freelance writer who has been writing about computer games since 2004, but playing them since 1977. His game reviews and previews have mainly been published on Epinions, The Wargamer, Armchair General, and The WarCry Network websites. The RoleCraft column moved to the Frogpants Network in September 2010, and is glad to have its' home here.

Digging into Roleplay

Well, roleplayers, here we are, the day before the next expansion. For this week’s edition, I have just a few thoughts about the new incoming secondary skill Archaeology. I’m looking forward to channeling my inner Indiana Jones/Lara Croft personalities in some fresh RP sessions.

So far, the best explanation I’ve come across regarding is Wowpedia’s Archaeology section. Based on the information there, I can readily imagine a number of roleplaying professions to create. Here are three:
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Renewed RP

Welcome back to another edition of RoleCraft, roleplayers! I managed to survive the Shattering this week, intact and in good health.

Much of the past week was spent exploring an Azeroth turned nearly upside-down and inside-out. New areas opened up, and many old areas are now so different they might as well be new. There are a ton of new quests and quest lines to follow, some fancy new RP clothing and trinkets to experiment with, and lots of other groovy stuff. All this long before (well, a week) the official Cataclysm expansion goes live!
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Brace yourselves, roleplayers, Azeroth is about to get rocked!

Patch 4.0.3a will hit WoW this week, so my ramblings about all things RPish will be light today. Instead, like probably many of you, I’ll be in game getting some last minute items squared away on a couple of characters before all Deathwing breaks loose.

I also open the forum up to all the readers, as I would love to hear how you are roleplaying the final days before the Cataclysm.  How much, and in what ways, has the impending destruction influenced your character(s), or not?  Have you created any new characters specifically for the event, aside from a goblin or worgen? Have you brought back any older characters into play? What quests, achievements, and items have you tied into your RP sessions for the event? Which character do you plan on having in game at the time the Cataclysm hits, where will they be, and for what RP purpose?

Take a few minutes for a thorough reading of the official 4.0.3a Patch Notes, and the same over at MMO Champion to tweak your character preparations for this week. Then get yourselves in game and enjoy the roleplay. Until next week (if I survive this one), role on!

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Tavern Watch (15 Nov 2010)

Welcome back, roleplayers! Today’s edition of RoleCraft will aim to draw your attention to a few good items I found while reading through the World’s End Tavern section of the official World of Warcraft forums.

Yes, I know, it’s a place to be entered at your own risk, for sure. Yet, on occasion, there are some good and above quality posts that may be found there. The posts I have here are some I think may be quite useful for roleplayers they are trying to connect with, and I want to help with that connection.
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Cataclysm Lore Quiz

Greetings, roleplayers! This edition of RoleCraft is going to try something new, by way of hosting a short lore quiz.

Roleplayers know that knowing lore is tantamount to being a quality MMORPG roleplayer. Here I have gathered a short list of ten questions regarding the lore of the upcoming Cataclysm to test your knowledge with. If you find answering these questions easy for you, then consider yourself prepared. If there is some difficulty in answering, then hopefully you’ll brush up on your WoW lore before the next expansion.

Let’s get started!
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The Languages of RP – Goblin

This week, RoleCraft adds another short article to the Languages of RP theme, this time dealing with Goblin speech in WoW.

From what little I’ve been able to discover, it seems clear that goblins will have three languages available when Cataclysm launches: Common, Orcish, and Goblin. Common and Orcish are a given, since goblins have heretofore had such a strong presence in both Alliance and Horde areas.

However, what I’ve not yet been able to find is anything that really describes their native language. Nothing has been written by Blizzard as far as I have found, nor has anything been detailed by Cataclysm beta testers. So, probably until the next expansion is released, the topic is pretty much a mystery.
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More Roleplaying for Worgen

RoleCraft this week will again take a look at the worgen in the light of roleplaying, sort of a follow up to the Roleplaying for Worgen article from a couple weeks ago.

Worgen RP, in some ways, is related to druid RP, in respects that both are shape-shifters. The one unique difference that sets them apart is the knowledge that druids know they have the ability to shape-shift, while I believe it will be absolutely possible to roleplay a worgen who has no idea that they can, too.

Let’s look at it from the view of there being three parts to roleplaying a worgen: their human form, the moment of transformation, and their beast form.
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WoW RP Resources 1

Since moving RoleCraft over here from the WarCry Network, the column has picked up quite a few new readers. The fact is, it’s no small amount of work to keep an online column going for three years, as RoleCraft has, and I thank all my fellow roleplayers for their continued interest!

Sadly, looking in on other WoW RP-focused websites, I see that many of my favorites are no longer around. With the Cataclysm just over the horizon, and for the sake of both old and new readers here, I’ll link to some of the best websites that still live. These are the ones I feel are worthy of weekly and daily viewing, depending on your own degree of roleplaying.
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Roleplaying for Worgen

My current favored race to roleplay is the Undead, with the elves coming in a close second. However, I have a distinct feeling they might both be knocked down a notch when I get into the worgen. Of all the races so far, the opportunity to create and get into a worgen’s mind has me more enthralled than I’ve ever been when compared to roleplaying the other WoW races. If you’re feeling the same way, or if not, please read on while I share some worgen RP concepts I have prowling around in my head.
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Roleplaying for Goblins

In the last article, RoleCraft directed roleplayer’s attention to what I deem are the best informative websites regarding the history and lore for goblins and worgen. In this edition, we’ll take a closer look at the goblins, and ponder some ideas on possible roleplaying storylines.

Did you do your homework last week, roleplayers? Test time! Pencils ready? For the first part, quickly as you can, list five facts about the goblins. Go!

Done? Compare your list to mine:
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