The Instance #376: Transparency Equals Scrutiny



On this episode of The Instance, Garrosh is a jerk! Comicon had a logo and that was IT! Blizzard fires back on WoD changes. We get into what we expect at Gamescom. Quest markers on the map are a thing. Where did iceblock go? Glyphs gone wild! Why no more destructibles? And more!

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WoW Streamer Detained by Police, On Camera

When someone gets detained by the police then you know the prank has gone too far. During what was a typical live stream someone decided it would be funny to call the police and tell them that the popular streamer Swifty had “threatened someone with a knife”. Subsequently the police showed up on his doorstep and took him in to fill out paperwork, and it’s unclear as to whether he was actually placed under arrest or not.

The good news is that this most likely easily cleared up as his actions that night were, you know, recorded in front of thousands of witnesses. Apparently this is the second time this streamer has been arrested as a result of a false accusation during a live stream. It’s also unclear as to what action he can take against the individual for the false accusation.

Source: Joystiq