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  1. never forget how great blizzard is letting you give away beta’s to who ever you wish :)

  2. If I got a Beta Key…. I would get out of this chair..run down my street at 12 am, yelling to my neighbors of the certain doom they all faced as Deathwing’s arrival was sealed fate to all the douche bags who gave me crap for the last 2 yrs playing WOW. I would then lie down in the very early morning dew of the tall grass, and sing praises to the two headed lord beast named ScotithRandish. I would spend the last days of my life apostatizing all people of weak mind to worship this lord, and together give thanksgiving to all the blessing ScotithRandish as bestowed upon us. soon after that I would drink half a 40 and goto bed with a smile on my stubbled face.. ahhhh beta :)

  3. Quickfire question about thrall’s books on kindle. He would totaly have, To Lead a Nation, The Art of War and Return of the King.

  4. What podcast was it that Scott said something along the line of..U just have to stand in the middle of town and yell HEY PeOpLe LETS MAKE A GUILD…and jelly..? plz help me

  5. I’m looking to transfer my warlock off Gnomeregan. Casual raiding is what I’m looking for on a Central Standard Time zone. Any suggestions to which server might work best for me?

  6. #205: Quick fire questions:
    -Why does lysol only kill 99.9% of bacteria.
    –It actually does not work against a LOT of bacteria. 99.99% is quantitative. Also, even medical grade alcohol based hand cleaners (like the ones in the hospital on the walls) don’t kill a few bacterial like C. difficle that have encapsulated forms.

  7. Hey Scott and Randy, just dropping a line to say “keep up the great work, and your both very awesome. Never stop podcasting!”

  8. @Randy – If you want to dump GoGoMount, try Give Me X as an alternative. It has multiple macros that are edited on the fly for potions, food, water, and mounts.

  9. Let’s see about 167g per 1% percent increase of Riding Skill to get Mastery Riding. Hmmm sounds like a a friggin bargan! I was looking for a gold garbage can to dump all my excess gold. it seems mastery riding is THAT trash can!

  10. There are many communities of this great show. It is actually a boost to the immense popularity of the show and a platform for all the lovers of World of Warcraft to share their experiences. These communities provide a get together for all the WOW fans who just have one thing to discuss and that is the “World of Warcraft”. It is actually a chance to show to the world how great a fan you are of this great show.

  11. Just listened to the latest episode. I really liked the wrap up of the show. For the couple of negatives from this year’s BlizzCon, the nerds on the mic being the biggest downer as usual, it was without a doubt the best time I’ve had in a long time. Absolute blast. My team, The Phillies, lost to the Giants as I was waiting in line for the Diablo III demo and I could have cared less because I was having the time of my life. Thanks for another great podcast guys.

  12. Just wanted to give a shout out from COB Speicher Iraq and from the US Army to all the wonderful people in the AIE guild on Earthen Ring and to my raid team in AIE Behind the Curve. Love you all, Tokiwarbeast.

  13. I love the show. My fiancee and I love to listen to it each week while we play together. Thanks for being a podcast that isn’t directed ONLY to hardcore raiding – but the game as a whole. Love it and appreciate it! :)

  14. have you seen the new ugly Americans where the dude’s devil girl friend opens the puzzle box? THEY all start screaming Iacta Alea EST

  15. hi im currenty play a blood elf rogue on Eldre’Thalas US guild Ragnarokk but im deployed on second tour i love the podcast i download it every sunday at a amazing bandwidth of 36k but enjoy it and it lets me keep in touch with wow and the news going on thx alot and keep it up, thx

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