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  1. About the shape of Azeroth, there IS a globe of Azeroth in Halls of Lightning in the room where you fight Loken. You run around it when you kill one of those iron giants to get to him.

  2. I think Worgen should, in the place of regular and flying mounts, get a “super jump” ability, where they can leap huge distances in a single bound. Kind of a “Hulk Jump” type thing. It will work in Cataclysm since you will be able to fly anywhere, and it just seems odd for a Worgen to have a mount to me.

  3. With the new AH, Scott keeps saying Blizzard doesn’t feel like Blizzard, that they feel like EA and Activision…

    Blizzard and Activision are owned by the same company. I’m surprised it took them this long to start doing things like this.

  4. I just saw a dead “furious mister pincy” in orgimmer while leveling my 61 death knight and i’m wondering if that might be the start of cataclysm (cause of underwater city) and was curious what everyone thought

  5. Hey Scot/Randy, having enjoyed your show over the past couple of weeks and hearing about the baron rivendare charger drop in strath, i thought lets have ago at getting this little puppy… Bingo first try and it drops :) one happy camper ( first fro me i never have such items drop, people there is hope keep trying!! )

    Ta Mourneblade on the EU Dragaonblight server

    Keep up the good work guys , you keep me company during my drive to work !!!!

  6. Following your excellent April Fool’s episode (and Blizz’s fool jokes), someone has made a plugin for Tidy Plates called E.P.E.E.N. that does put a gear score in a vertical bar over the heads of toons. In case you haven’t seen it.

    Laters gents.

  7. hi guys, and i have a thery on the shape of Azerouth, if it is round it spins veritikuly (up and down) and it’s axis is so large that is why the north is so cold and love the show, by the way why do us hord hate gnoumes i rolled one on “Alter of stomes” and their ok. well please ansere.

  8. Hey guys just started watching your show awsome to make the hours at work go more smoothly <3
    just wanted to respond to the talk you had about the hp inflation based on the bandages that where reaveled (ep 189).
    If I'm not misstaking they said that this would be the 3 cloth and not the "heavy" version.
    Now a days you really don't need bandages that much so what i would guess the 3 cloth version would be designed for is to replace food more than now.
    A Frostweave is 5400 heal and the health pools of players now are at least around 20,000 hp so so on bandage equals 1/4 of you health pool.
    The new one might be aimed for 3/4 or 2/4.

  9. In episode 189 you guys talk about that guys Lung Surgery and then you go into a deep conversation about how you make people feel. Afterwards, you made a segway by saying “lets go onto ______, something thats more important than this guys lung surgery”. I know it you said it as a joke but I felt so good after that emotional speech because my mother died from lung cancer and you guys do take the edge off. But after I heard that it just didn’t feel like a joke, it made me want to turn off the episode. This guy is sending you guys a message about his surgery and then you just spit on it like that.

    Get your acts together please and watch what you say.

  10. Hey guys, thanks for addicting me to your show, which I now can’t stop talking about to everyone all the time. My neighbors are now scared of me, and my coworkers leave me alone. This is what I always wanted! But, seriously, great job you’re doing. Other podcasts should be taking notes.

    I wanted to suggest a Cataclysmic Drop of the Week. The Horde-specific Venomhide Ravasaur mount in Un’Goro. Unless Un’Goro’s going to be spared (ha-haha), it seems to me that folks may well lose out on getting this one. It is a quest chain that takes some time and dedication, and also effectively requires you to be on a lower level toon in order to start it. I also hear that there’s a similar quest for those other guys. It’s, like, in Winterspring or something. But who cares about them, anyway?

    Anyway, thanks for a great show!

  11. Hey Scott and Randy, first thing’s first, love the podcast; I make sure to catch it every week. You two kept me updated with the goings-on in Azeroth during my two year break away from the game and thanks to you, I was able to come back to it just a few months ago without feeling as though i had ever left.
    Comment the second: maybe I’m being presumptuous and just getting a little horny on this one, but I caught some videos of the ptr for 3.3.5 where the Alliance attempts to reclaim Gnomeregan and the Horde go after Zalazane’s head. In the horde campaign it shows a troll druid shapeshifting into a tiger and bat. Like I said, perhaps I’m overanalyzing it, but is it possible that when the druid class becomes available for trolls this fall, their skins for “cat form” will be tigers and their skins for flight form would be a bat. Maybe the bear form will be replaced with a giant sloth? Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking :) Either way, it seems like that would suit the lore better. Anyways, that’s my two cents. Thanks again guys; love the show.

  12. Hey Guys,
    I love the show, thank you.
    I like to say 2 things:

    1. Is it only me or since when can you use Raid-Target-Icons while not in group? Nice feature though.

    2. Funny thing about the mobile auctionhouse is, that it doesnt seem to require the authenticator …. weird. And i seem not to be able to change the language, so i am forced to german and dont know the items i see 😉

    Keep up your work,
    Draque from EU-Moonglade

  13. hi!

    What about the new racial mounts for worgen or goblins? I don’t hear anyone asking about these. We’ll be leveling with these new mounts unless we buy a ‘my little pony’ or start with a dk. Especially relevant if they start scaling riding speed with max learned level.

  14. do you know if you can Down load the New expantion. so i dont have to wait in the lines at the game store?

  15. Hi Scott and Randy =)
    After hearing your show for a while now I have a question or more or less want your suggestion. I’m a big PvPer and used to love going in BGs when I was leveling my druid but sense I got her to 80 there seems to be a loss of order on the Alliance side (at least on my server) and no matter how much I try to take charge everyone just runs off to their death and complain that everyone else is at fault. Is there some way I can get my group together and have a better chance of winning? Or does Blizzard have plans to add like a stradegy check where everyone can vote on a stradegy and stick with it? Thanks and keep up the good work =3

  16. Hi Scott and Randy,
    A couple of shows back, you were going on about new Cataclysmic content including some “UNDERWATER” adventures. There was also discussion, about someone collecting their “FARTS” in a jar in the tub. I REALLY think Blizz should incorporate some aspect of this in the game. For example, when given a quest you get a special container (“IED 2000” to collect the “UNDERWATER FARTS” of whatever MOB, then you use said collected gas to blow u the MOB itself, what retribution/payback would that be. Maybe even more fun if it was a GROUP quest/instance.

  17. Scott & Randy,

    You guys are awesome. I could go on forever with superlatives to describe how great you are; however, every time you mention ‘inscrptions’ I shudder. In fact, I am downright embarrassed by the poo you spew on inscription. So, please please please read this message and correct your perspective on inscriptions now! /beg

    Fact 1: Inscriptions are spell/ability modifiers, and NOT stat modifiers.
    Fact 2: Inscription is very similar to talents.
    Fact 3: Inscription is NOT similar to Jewlcrafting or Enchanting.

    Inscription is one of the best ways we have to actually alter game play and mechanics. You might not love the current hunter glyphs Scott, but you definitely love the ability to modify your game experience – as you have stated so. Please read up on Inscription.

    Ironically, it is Jewlcrafting that is ‘only’ a stat buff. But I guess JC has some intellectual aesthetic or allure that blinds you to that fact. Or is it all just a clever ruse to get our attention? 😉

  18. Scott & Randy,

    Have you considered turning the Instance podcast in to an enhanced podcast? Then you can display images and hyperlinks of the things you are talking about simultaneous with the audio. They are very easy to make with Apple’s free Garageband app.

  19. I am brand new to WOW. I am 36 years old and this is my first mmo. I am new to this world in every sense of the word. I stumbled onto your podcast and you have helped me out in so many ways. I have a few friends who play, but I am sure they get tired of my stupid questions. I am leveling a priest with a Holy spec, everybody tells me to shadow, but I am happy so far with my abilities. I like going slow, and “checking out the scenery.” I guess I can sum my play style by saying “I enjoy fishing”:) Anyway just wanted to say thanks for help, and keep doing what you do!! Yes, there are people still just discovering this world. Jubu of Rivendare – entry level Troll Priest.

  20. Hi guys,

    My name is Patrice playing on Allies on Dalaran EU.

    Yesturday I was playing my Dwarf and I came across a funny idea for his Racial Find Treasure.

    Personnaly I find this totally useless as I do mining and When I’m farming, I don’t have the time to check for small chest.

    So I came across an idea for a new racial useless as the Find Treasure but a bit more funny!

    How about something like this : Dwarf stomach
    The Dwarves are excellent drinker of massive aclhool beers. They reach a super resistance on alchool reducing the duration of alchool by 10%.

    We could also suggest this to Blizzard for a new easter egg :)

    What do you think about Find treasure by the way?

  21. Ok, couple of quick notes. I totally dig the show, and you guys are doing a fantastic job.

    Brown-nosing aside, I’ve recently come back to the game after a long break (left just before Lich King came out) and I’m wondering why Blizzard doesn’t have their employees have random “GM” encounters like they did on EQ. It would add a ton to WoW (especially for those of us who refuse to apply for a job in a guild as advertised in the forums). I love the game, but it seems to have turned into a online job.

  22. Any clue if Blizzard will allow more character slots per server? I have all character slots used up on the server where I play (Stormrage-US) and don’t want to delete any toons. I also don’t want to roll on a different server since my wow friends are all on Stormrage with me.

    Just curious of your thoughts.

  23. A couple episodes ago you were discussing Baron Rivendares deathcharger. Since then i have been running that all the time trying to get the mount. Its a good money maker and great for runecloth so im thrilled. However, the other day a friend told me that the mount was already discontinued. Is there any truth to that? I thought that it was going away with cataclysm. Also i was told it wont drop if you run solo, is that true? anyway love the show. thx

  24. Are you guys on holiday or something, come on its been 11 days since the last cast,what can i do in bed at night? vegatron on dragonblight eu server

  25. I’ve been listening to your thoughts on the real ID system over the last few shows. Although you make a valid point of if the person is really your friend you’d generally be OK with letting them know your email address. The problem is it is more than my email but is my login. For me my login is one I do not give to friends or family (except my wife), it is for real life transactional stuff – banks, online billing, credit cards, wow, etc. Logins are meant to be private in general, maybe not as private as a password, but why differentiate between the two when it comes to account security. Why not allow us to have a unique moniker or random number per account as Randy either suggested or read someone’s suggestion? And yes, I do use the WoW Authenticator and I am not very worried about all three credentials being compromised.

  26. Hey Scott hey randy
    ive just come bck from afganistan as im in the army and was jus wondering!
    if blizz bought out Random Raid Finder…a bit like random roungron finder!!! do u think this wld work???!!!
    anyhow love the show

  27. Holy Paladin on Balnazzar of the Rebirth of the Slayers guild…Randy, at present the mana cost of healing spells is directly proportional to the healing done. In the beta of Cataclysm, the mana cost vary indirectly with casting time. The faster the spell, the higher the mana cost. The healing done by the spells has been shuffled too. While I am certain that this change will make healing a lot more interesting, it is going to be much easier to mess up. It is also my understanding that beacon will only work with holy light, our slowest spell. Any advise on how to deal with these changes?

  28. Hey Scott and Randy! I was just wondering how in the world (not of Warcraft, or Carmen SanDiego) I can see the previous contest winners submissions? I thank you for your time.
    (i have attempted to scour your website. and it may be that there is not enough room to continue to post these submissions, fine fine, just interested in what people have made.)

  29. hey guys just like to say great show, good production values. Anyway just like to say thanks cause as a fisherman at sea twenty days i dont get much wow in anymore and u help to keep me updated so thanks lads.

  30. sirs, first hello from bagdad. second is a basic question, which type of weapon would be good for a shaman healer. i cant decide between a one handed with shield or a two handed staff, am i looking for protection or stats? thx alot great show

  31. I just got episode #203 from itunes, and about 23:35 its almost like you recorded over a old episode.

  32. I recently started listening to your show and instantly loved it. In one of your episodes (around 175) you mentioned the song Invincible by blizzard, anyway I showed my friend (who had not played wow since BC was released) and this song made him alone made him get back into it.

  33. Thanks for your podcast. It makes traffic and farming much more bearable. Plus listening to you guys is just like being in vent with my buddies. I really hope that the 600 guild member cap is not set in stone, especially right after so many people have paid to transfer over and be a part of the AIE guild(which is like the twilight zone of happy friendly people).

  34. Well Randy you have cemented it for me. You are definitely a Blizz fanboy! I just listened to my last Instance podcast. You my man are pathetic how you supported the lame Blizzcon conference and your friends at the company. Scott do yourself a big favor, get rid of this self adorned best thing ever, and get another co-host who talks reality. This is business so dont let your friendship affect this sinking ship. Good luck.

  35. Wow! I just finished watching the Firefly episodes and the Serenity movie after hearing you talk about it several times on The Instance. Its one of the best things I’ve ever watched. Thank you!

    Hocbao, Resto Shaman, Whisperwind

  36. Hey, how about reading the winning entries for the tankard’o terror contest and some of the other ones that stood out that where not winners (atleast for the tankard that is)

  37. New time listener and I love the show. It’s so great to find a decent WoW podcast, World of Warcast was ok but it was so bland and dull but yours is really funny and I enjoy listening to it. I will definately be a LONG time listener.
    Thanks guys, keep doin what you do.

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