The Instance #29: Difficulty settings, Outdoor PVP, and Headshots! (1 Comment)

1. Big News of the Week: BLUES do some sounding off on the Official Forums concerning banned accounts, lore, and what we pay for monthly. A recent Blizzard EU press tour interview on has started a stir about some features of the XPack. Join the ongoing Instance discussion and check out the highlights below…

Many new instances designed top be ‘winged’ with several wings making up the instances,
these can be comparted to the same setup as the Scarlet Monestery. This means shorter play time for individual sections of the instance.

Instances will have different degrees of difficulties in the storyline, For example an Instance could be for 5 players around level 65, an instance for 5 players with level 70, to 10 men instance for level 70 and a Raid an instance for 40 people (also level 70).

A new feature is the difficulty settings and the group leader can select between five modes, of “easily” to “super+heavily”. Loot is also variable depending on the degree of difficulty you underatle. The harder the difficulty, the better the loot.

The BloodElf start zone is located to the north of the Eastern Plague Lands and is suitable for level 1 to 20.

The Draenai start location is not yet visible on the current map but it lies on an island
southwest of Darnassus.

There will be hundreds of new quests to take new characters through to level 60 and many of the new quests will be suitable for both of the two new Races. Other Races will also be able to pick up on these quests. Once you hit 60 its time to head to the Dark Portal.

Beyond the Dark portal lies the Outlands, the new BC zone and it’s heavily guarded and will be opened with a world event similar to Ahn Qiraj, in other words the Alliance and Horde will have to work together to open the portal.

New controllable flying mounts are of course included in the expansion and these mounts will take you to areas that are unreachable on foot… this also includes new Instances.

Socketable items compliment the new Jewelcrafting profession. Three sockets per item each of different color and if you insert a jewel of the same color as the socket you receive a further bonus to all items with the same color.

Each Class receives 5 new Spells and Abilities, and 60 Talent points will be assigned with new Talents.

The next patch for WOW will include significant new updates to PvP gameplay. One of these updates is the addition of 2 outdoor world PVP objectives. Although details of
these features are subject to change during development, Blizzard would like to provide you with a general idea of what to expect. Check out our new outdoor PvP information. Racial Themes in the WOW TCG have been finally previewed. Instead of some minor gimped ability, races in the TCG will each have their own unique theme to it that will differentiate it from the rest of races. However, like in the online game, races will still have restrictions on which classes they can be.

2. Rumors & Scuttlebutt: FANTASTIKO sent us this interesting tidbit about Murlocs. He has been informed that from Swamp of Sorrows there is a slight chance that a Murky (Murloc Pet) will drop, he does not know which monster it drops from, but he got the info from a reliable source. We need some more info from others on this. ETHAN, not the evil guy from “LOST” but a fan of the show. He was talking to someone in his Guild and was told that they found a Mod where whenever you score a critical hit the Unreal Tournament announcer says “Headshot”. Has anyone seen this? Finally to my joy, IZZMAN was at the recent Comic-Con and he infact played a BloodElf Warlock, he was not sure if Blizzard just did it for the show, but it looks good for me that I will finally get my BE’Lock.

3. Legion of Cain: Want to join the Legion of Cain on Earthen Ring? LoC is now 100+ members and growing. The Legion can always use some freshly scarred Horde faces… JOIN THE LEGION OF CAIN!!! We also take some time to Pimp some Guilds that are scattered across the Lands of Azeroth.

4. Drop of the Week: PATRICK sends us two mods that you cannot, I repeat, cannot go without, and he would feel very bad if he didn’t at least mention them. These Mods basically do the same thing for two different areas of the game: Tradeskills and Quests. The Mods are called Advanced Tradeskill Windows and UberQuest Reborn.

So what these Mods do is that they divide both those windows in two panes: the left pane, which is the size of the original window, becomes the list pane. The new right pane is the item description pane/quest desciption pane. More space for the list, more space for the details. But that’s not all!

Advanced Tradeskill Windows also sports a very handy instant filter that works like iTunes’ filter, and allows you to sort your items by category/difficulty/alphabetical order. It even allows the more experienced users to create custom lists and categories, among other things.

UberQuest Reborn also adds quest level numbers to the list, and has a replacement for Blizzard’s quest tracker which is more configurable, movable and generaly much more handy. As with all the Mods that we feature, they can be downloaded from,, and/or

5. Town Cryer: We want to thank all the WOW fans for the CRAZY influx on emails we are receiving. Got some Guild/Realm info? Have a questions/info/tips for us then send them in by emailing at…

Additional show content provided by The Instance Community, Shawn Basic, Randydeluxe, Dangfraggit, and Lorim. For the Horde all, for the freaking Horde!!!

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