The Instance #45: Deluxe Edition! (20 Comments)


Big News of the Week: During the Spike TV 2006 Video Game Awards, premiering this Wednesday, December 13 at 10:00 PM ET viewers will be treated to the world premiere of the opening cinematic for WOW: The Burning Crusade. I know what you’re thinking. The Leeroy jokes are starting to wear just the teensiest bit thin, but I have to say that even I laughed at this video. GWEEDO the Dwarf fills us in on the crippling effects of Patch 2.0, be sure to check it out below…

This add-on crisis is the WoW equivilent of Hurricane Katrina. We are in COMPLETE DEVASTATION. I have what I need to survive (and luckily some of it was built into the patch). I have been hitting curse,, and regularly. seems to be showing some signs of recovery, but the other two are just hopeless. Even if somebody who had some bandwidth could setup a temporary site with patch-compatible versions of say the Top 10 most popular add-ons – like Titan, CT, Auctioneer (is it released yet?) and a few others, it would take the load off the “big three”. I’m not asking you guys to do it, but I think it would be great if you could use your soapbox to plead for somebody to do something before some of us go crazy. I’m really desperately looking for a patched version of Auction Filter Plus, but I’m not entirely sure it exists. I seem to recall finding the author’s site some time ago and there was a layer of dust on it so I think it’s a goner.

Rumors & Scuttlebutt: Holy Arthas snow-cones!!! A blog post by the propietor of, who says he’s got an interesting project on the way: a real-life replica of the most powerful weapon in Azeroth, Frostmourne.

Drop of the Week: Finally… why did no females step up till now? MOLLY has started the Women of Warcraft, a video podcast. She gives tips, has funny stories, and talks about her adventures in Azeroth. She is very cute too. 😉 SINAFEY sends us an awesome video from the Sentinels Realm, where they did a run of Taurens invading Stormwind leaving much meat for all the tiny orphans. MORITZ reminds us that there is a Mage AddOn kinda like Necrosis, called Arcanum.

Additional show content provided by Randydeluxe, Shawn Basic, Patrick and the outstanding Instance Community.

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0 thoughts on “The Instance #45: Deluxe Edition! (20 Comments)

  1. Isn’t that circle for the cannon in the darkmoon faire?

    I play horde on Lightning’s Blade and i recall a cannon located in Thunder Bluff where you get in and get launched with a parachute like buff and try to land in the circle.

  2. That ring is part of the darkmoon faire i think…Its the target u have to land in after the cannon fires u.

  3. That ring is from the Fair that goes around. There is a canon that you can use and it shoots you in the air and you have to try and get inside the target.

    Hope that helps!

    Great show again :)

  4. Hi guys!

    The wierd murloc landing pad as you so put it is infact a landing pad but will only be in that lake once every two months becauuuuuuuuuuse… Its the Darkmoon faire landing pad for their cannon. Don’t believe you guys have never seen it ^^
    The one in mulgore is more lethal, because if you miss the landing pad, you’re pretty much dead with a long boring walk back.

    Bosque, 60 Undead Rogue, Silvermoon, EU Server

  5. Hey There,

    Love the podcast, keep up the great work.

    The ‘strange circle thing’ is part of the Darkmoon Faire (which explains why it’s not always there)

    If you use the Cannon in the Darkmoon Faire it will fire you out across Elwynn towards the circle.

    The aim seems to be to dismiss the flying buff and land in the circle. It’s easier said than done, but doesn’t seem to do anything even if you land right in the centre.

    There is also one in Thunderbluff when the Faire is visiting Mulgore.

    Hope that helps!


  6. Hi all.

    About your last podcast. The landing target is in fact a landing target, but not for murlocs… Its for us! Thats right! Every two months we can get shot out of a cannon, wear some fake wings, fly and attempt to land in that target. The two month interval because the Darkmoon faire have to travel across Azeroth to make a faire on the Monday after the first Friday of every month. The other target would be in the Mulgore river. Hope you give this a try next time they’re in town because its a laugh :) The “ally” faire is more user friendly, because if you miss the target in mulgore, unless you’re level 70, you’ll probably die as you’re shot out of the canon from Thunder Bluff just behind the inn. Enjoy!

  7. My guess for that Giant Circle in Crystal Lake would be a new Darkmoon Faire event. The Faire sets up not too far from there. Has anyone seen the same thing in Thunderbluffs?

  8. That ring has been there a couple of times before, it apears when the darkmoon fair visits goldshire, im guessing you’re supoose to hit this ring while shooting yourself out of the cannon, never tried though..

  9. Geeze, do you guys even play WoW now?
    The Circle is for the Darkmoon faire.
    For the cannon shoot.
    In the fair you can find a Cannon that will shoot you out towards that area. Its a Mini-game with no prizes, but its full to try and fall in that area with out dieing.

    Try it out.

  10. The circle in the lake in Elwynn Forest is a bullseye for the Darkmoon Faire catapult. It’s a silly, fun game associated with the bi-monthly visit of the Darkmoon Faire. You talk to an NPC who preps the catapult for you. You get launched from the Faire location in Goldshire with a pair of wings on your back and the goal is to “release” your wings at the correct moment in order to fall into the water and hit the bullseye. There is no reward for doing this other than a job well done.

  11. Is there supposed to be something other than white space on the page between the header text and the comments?

    Regarding addon Hell: IF your guild has a Web site, do what we did: Everyone scrambles to find a working version of their own fave addon, then we put them all up on our site and used UniAdmin to make it easy to synch the versions there with the players’ systems.

    Note that you will probably have to delete *ALL* of your existing addons and saved variables before all of the new stuff works. It’s a major pain; this week has been such a lot of crap that I seriously considered deleting my WoW account and spending the $15/month on movies instead.

  12. I have to say, the opening movie for The Burning Crusade is quite impressive. But honestly, I feel quite slighted!

    Again, there are no visuals of arguably the most potent and dangerous force Azeroth has ever known … the Gnome.

    Blizzard better watch out for this Mage, cuz i’m about to ‘/cast blizzard’ all over ’em for this oversight.

    Granted it’s easy to ‘oversight’ us, but that’s got nothing to do with it.

  13. So what ever happened to that thing where the murlocks were trying to summon their god or something?

    That sounded pretty cool.