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Big News Of The Week

The Instance Dings 70!

In a very special episode, we’ve got special guests: Shawn Basic and Patrick From France!

Wowhead Goes To The Dark Side

We don’t have official confirmation on this, but the news everywhere this morning is that Wowhead, many players’WoW database, was just sold to Affinity Media for around $1 million.

Affinity Media also owns Thottbot and Allakhazam, so unless something else has changed dramatically, all three of the databases that 95% of WoW players utilize are one and the same. Afiinity Media is the company that has denied owning IGE, the notorious gold selling advertiser, for years. What was so meaningful about WoWhead to many players was the notion that there was one online database site that was free of gold-sellers, their ads, their influence. That may be over.

The Midsummer Fire Festival Is Here

The festival of flame in game started Thursday, and runs through July 5th. There are bonfires in the cities, new quests to be run, and new rewards to be had. And of course, coming next week around July 4th, the fireworks will fly over Azeroth’s cities yet again.

Rumors and Scuttlebutt

Three Quick Follow-ups To Our News About The Patch On Tuesday

1. For a short time, the changed PvP trinkets were able to dispel the Warlock DoT Unstable Affliction. According to a Blizzard CM, this was quickly hotfixed

2. Shamans are miffed to discover that their focused mind talent isn’t stacking with other effects that provide the same bonus, such as the changed Paladin Improved Concentration Aura (30%) or the Pendant of the Lost Ages from Serpentshrine Cavern (20%). A Blizzard CM said ” confirm you that Focus Mind is being reviewed.”

3. And the Mage Arena Season 2 armor, which strangly has a smaller Intellect bonus on it than their Season 1 armor, is also getting investigated. Blizzard said “We’ve been able to identify what went wrong and the stats for the Mage Season 2 items are being corrected in a future patch.”

Drop Of The Week

Blizzard and Upper Deck Are Holding An Art Sale
We just took a peek into our local Gamestop, and it’s true. You can now own pieces of your favorite art from the WoW TCG. It’s a set that is also available at EBGames, and it includes:
-35 different 8″x10″ art cards displaying art from the WoW TCG.
-Horde Images by Dan Scott, Justin Sweet, Todd Lockwood, Jonboy Meyers, Samwise and others.
-Alliance Images by Kev Walker, James Zhang, Todd McFarlane, Michael Komarck, Greg Staples and other and os.
-An exclusive game-playable TCG foil card.
-A high-point-value UDE Rewards Card.

So that’s two different art sets, they’re available at EBGames, also, and when I was at Gamestop earlier, the asking price was $49.99.

Additional show content provided by Patrick from France, Mean Gene and the outstanding Instance Community.

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0 thoughts on “The Instance #70: "DING!" (8 Comments)

  1. You talk about the festival of fire being a 4th of July [American] holiday,… perhaps you should look at a calender,….. June 21st is what day now???


  2. I suppose the fireworks are linked to July 4th, but thats a pretty minor event i think compared to the overall festival of fire [summer solstice]. Mabey you should just delete both my comments, I need some sleep.

  3. There is a story about IGE still with AM as of yesterday… IGE is still tied to Affinity. So both AM and IGE are talking BS about not being together.

  4. From TechSoapbox and his further research…

    I talked to another contact how the site was ’sold’, but as it stands, IGE US LLC’s parent company is Affinity Media. Certain properties may have been sold, but not the company itself. At the recent VRGood Summit, it seems Brock Pierce (CEO of IGE) talked about getting out of the game, with no mention of IGE having been sold from Affinity. Consider this sale supposedly happened over two weeks ago, seems a convenient thing to forgot. Not to mention walking around with an ‘Affinity’ badge.

    Basically AM/IGE are BS shovelers just as they have always been. :)

  5. WoWhead is going to stay the same. The thing happened to Thottbot and yet that’s still a good database website so why can’t you give AM the benefit of the doubt.

  6. I thought patrick and shawn did a great job on the show. I think it would be really awesome if they could appear more regularly on the show.