Spell Check – WoW Spells That Gotta Go

As Cataclysm approaches everyday news comes out about the changes that are being made to the game.  A lot of what we are finding out is that some things are going away completely and the game is being simplified in many respects.  Simple may not always be better but there are quite a few spells that seem extraneous or poorly designed that may have had a purpose at some point but now have outlived their usefulness.  Should Blizzard just dump them all or is there anything salvageable?  Let’s take a look at some spells that either need to be dumped or get a tune-up.

Lightwell – Maybe the dumbest spell I can think of.  The idea is not horrible but in today’s raiding environment does anyone have time to stop their rotation for a moment to click on something for a heal?  I know when I’m dpsing or tanking the last thing I want to think about is healing.  That’s what the healer is for.  I’ve got a great idea.  How about we put a little Shadowwell on the ground and the healers can click on it to dps things?  Dumb right?  Right.  Also, why in crap does damage break the heal?  The only time I could see something like this really being useful is during a high damage AoE from a boss except with that wrinkle, it’s completely useless in those scenarios.  According to Blizzard’s placement of the talent in the Holy tree, they must have assumed it was as powerful as Power Infusion or Shadow Form.  Whoops.  I don’t know a single Holy Priest who takes this talent and that is all the evidence I need.

Blizzard doesn’t appear to be dumping this spell and are even requiring that Holy Priest take it to get the Chakra talent.  If they’re not dumping it, maybe Lightwell could be a spell you cast on a player who then heals everyone around them for certain amount over 6 seconds which would add to a Holy Priests existing AoE healing abilities.

Dampen/Amplify MagicI know, we use Amplify Magic on the Saurfang fight.  I’m aware of that.  However; one fight does not make a spell useful or necessary.  I also don’t know a single Mage who is excited when I remind them to please “give amp magic to the raid please”.  They all have the same reaction, “Ugh”.  Dampen Magic is especially useless unless you are in pvp and there are no healers which usually means you will be failing no matter what you do.  I do think the idea is solid but in practicality it comes up so rarely that these spells are often completely forgotten about by many Mages.

We already know that Blizzard is planning to dump these spells and that doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but if we were to keep them maybe make them into more of a defensive cool-down rather than a 10 minute buff.  I could definitely see the use in a combo spell that lessens magic damage taken and ups healing and lasts for say 6 seconds.

Raptor Strike/Mongoose Bite/CounterattackHunters are not a melee class.  Yet we get three, that’s right, three different melee attacks.  Absolutely the wrong way to teach a new Hunter that they should be shooting things from afar.  Wing Clip is useful since Hunters need to get away from close up enemies but other than that I think it’s time to face facts.  Hunters do need to be able to do some damage to people within melee range but to have three types of attacks is bit odd.

I love the idea of giving Hunters pistols to use in melee range.  While you could use the same ranged abilities there would be a damage penalty that would encourage Hunters to get back out to range while not forcing us to keep melee abilities on our action bar.  If you’ve ever played a Hunter you probably know how many abilities are already there and this would allow Blizzard to drop some lame abilities.

Mind Soothe/Soothe AnimalDruids don’t get Soothe animal until level 22.  By that point you should just be going Cat Form and Prowling.  Priests can Mind Soothe which I guess could be useful while questing but if you can’t kill a mob reliably you got bigger problems than Mind Soothe can fix.  These seem like spells that sneaked in there because Blizzard need to give players something new around level 20 and ran out of ideas.  Dumb spell with almost no uses at all.

I do like the idea of these spells upping the targets vulnerability to other spells though.  I’ve heard of Priests using Mind Soothe on the Instructor Razuvious fight but I admit I have never confirmed that it really works.  Imagine though that a Priest could use Mind Soothe to refresh a Shackle or a Mind Control or a Druid could use Soothe Animal to refresh a Hibernate or increase the length of a Cyclone.  I could see some use in that.

Now you get to tell us what you think.  Leave a comment with any spells you hate or think should change or tell me how wrong my analysis is.  Now’s the best time to talk about these kind of things since the future of World of Warcraft is still being…well crafted and many spells will be dumped and overhauled.

46 thoughts on “Spell Check – WoW Spells That Gotta Go

  1. As a Mage of 5 years I must say that the mage’s who fail to use dampen magic on a regular basis are failed mage’s. Whether it’s pvp, pve, or the typical farming grind Dampen Magic goes a long way in reducing damage taken and helps to ensure longevity on the farming. Many mobs (especially elementals) are magic based, and Dampen Magic goes the long distance when farming for enchanting matts (I am an enchanter and tailor so i use many many world materials). A part of me died when Blizzard announced that they are removing Dampen magic. And just because the majority fail to use it, does by no means make it a bad spell, in fact it’s one of the few skills that give me an advantage over other mages.

  2. I found myself nodding my head at everything except the mind soothe and animal soothe. Often times I use both when I’m out gathering herbs or ore. Also I find in dungeons I’m being asked to rez someone who wandered too close to a mob or group of mobs (or the rogue was wandering around and didn’t realize he wasn’t stealthed). I tend to mind soothe the closest mob so that I can rez without worry that I’m going to aggro.

  3. While I agree that the applications of mind soothe are far and few in between, I’d rather have it than not have it. Besides, it is very helpful for many of the dailies I do that requires sneaking around hostile mobs in order to gather things for that particular quest. I even remember days when mind soothe was used in instances to avoid pulling adds.

    As for the others, by now my spellbook is already full of useless ranks of spells anyway, so what’s a couple more?

    As a PRIEST (i before e, except after c, Dills), the really useless spells are the ones like Greater Heal, Lesser Heal, and just plain Heal that no one has used since maybe at the level they trained them at. These spells don’t need to be thrown out either, but balanced so that they fit in with the other spells that are used.

  4. @ Rayfarer I spelled it right more than 3 times. You can forgive the one misspelling as a typo right? Even a guy who likes Mind Soothe as a spell should be able to figure that one out. :p

    My understanding is that Heal and Greater Heal will be balanced in Cata as healers are receiving (eh, got that one right) 3 standard heals; a small, medium and a large.

  5. If Blizz must keep Lightwell, make it like the lightwell you see pop up in ToC. It just shoots a heal at one of the group that we are DPS’ing. That would make it a lot better, especially if Blizz made it so it went to someone who needs it.

  6. First off, ah the irony of an attempted flame at Intern Dills in an article series called “Spell Check”…
    Second, Dills is exactly right about Amplify/Dampen Magic. Totally pointless spells. Ever want to hear someone giggle and/or vote to kick you in a group? Cast one of those 2 spells on them. Really – for soloing? How squishy are you that a tiny bit less magic damage taken makes a difference? As a mage, your target should die well before your health becomes an issue, damage mitigation is best left to tanks and disc priests.

  7. @Madmuppet As you have pointed out, my “attempted flame” plays along with the article title. I was just poking fun at Dills, not insulting him. I was just trying to be a bit more subtle about it. Thanks, though. You’re real clever.

  8. On my mage rogue 2s arena team, we use dampen magic. And we don’t really fail despite the fact that we lack a healer.

  9. I use Lightwell on my Holy Priest. I would like to see it changed to do
    like a chain heal when I drop it so that it just works without being clicked on. In my pre-made 5-man we have a standing
    rule: If I am going down a Lightwell is coming out. Period. In our group, the druid clicks the Lightwell and switches to healing (usually doing DPS).

    On my alt hunter I use Raptor Strike and Mangoose to level a weapon…thats it. I saw toss both of those.

  10. Trust me, you’ll all be using Lightwell in Cataclysm if Blizzard keeps their word.

    Remember when you went raiding with a stack of bandages, health pots, and locks made two sizes of healthstones? I even farmed Blade’s Edge mobs to get Depleted Crystal Focuses. Healer’s didn’t have mana coming out their ears, so staying alive was as much your responsibility as theirs.

    Agree about everything else, except maybe the mind soothe/soothe animal thing. We used the latter to great effect in ZA speed runs, to skip one pack of amani bears.

  11. @ The_Enabler

    The Sentry Totem is going to be a victim of the Cataclysm, unfortunately. Shaman everywhere are saddened by its loss. Even this shaman.

    Well, not really.

    Quoted from Nethaera:
    Q: You didn’t answer the most important shaman question! What about Sentry Totem?
    A: The Cataclysm is a time of great upheaval. Deathwing’s return to Azeroth tore a hole in the fabric of the universe that tragically resulted in the ultimate and irrevocable destruction of all Sentry Totems. Level designers are contemplating a shrine for the Sentry Totem near that of Uther the Lightbringer. We know shaman players will greet this news with grief, but as with all class changes we’ll have to get into beta before anything is final.

    Link: http://blue.mmo-champion.com/t/24038611737/cataclysm-class-preview-shaman

  12. OK, whoever wrote this couldn’t be more wrong about dampen magic… if you are not using it in pvp you are dying way too otfen. Personally mine is always up. So is taking this out about making mages lives even more difficult in pvp? What other class has a class specifically supposedly designed against them?

    Why not instead remove some of the silence that everyone in wow now has.. every class silences… or…let’s, for example, have an anti-hunter and give every class spells and abilities to jam guns and break bow strings.

    I could go on for every class attacking the sacred cow of each.
    Leave dampen magic alone.

  13. Priest Holy DPS abilities like Smite and Holy Fire are fun to put talent points in to, but Blizzard has treated Smite Priests with the same attention as…. Melee Hunters. Smite Priests are outside of the “accepted” cookie cutter specs, and I would love to play one without having people tell me “switch to Shadow, I’m healing” when I’m playing Holy DPS and cast the occasional helpful heal or shield. This is regardless of the good DPS I can deal out, looking at Recount.

    With the right talent and mastery balance I’d like to see Holy DPS (with off-healing) recognized as a useful sub-spec.

    There is ample lore in the game to support a Holy DPS / Off-heal spec – one of the good, obvious examples is Sally Whitemane, or perhaps High Priest Venoxis, not to mention all of the other Scarlet Enclave mobs.

    I worry that with Cataclysm and a further condensing of talents that Holy DPS/Smite will be as worthless as the “Melee Hunter” related talents.

  14. When I was running my mage, I always had either Dampen Magic or Amplify Magic up. Soloing a fire mage means you make every point of mana count and the damage from my spells was noticeably higher with Amplify Magic. Conversely, the damage received from casters goes up with Amplify Magic up, so in caster fights, Dampen Magic is a big help with survivability. If you’re a mage and you aren’t using these spells, you’re working way too hard.

  15. Folks can go ahead and complain about Warlock Water Breathing – but considering we’re about to enter back into a world where swimming and leveling are going to be close and personal in-game comrades – I’ll keep my useful, if not contextually appropriate, little buff.

  16. you begin to wonder about lolwell… I mean how has it survived this long. It’s only any good for an after the battle heal to save the priest frome haveing to search around for those who need healing. or maybe between phases in a battle.

  17. I’d like polymorphed tweaked, but not removed. If other classes like Druids and Warlocks can crowd control and still do damage to their targets, why should mages have to pull their punches? When I started out on my mage is seemed a sensible trade off: target is not a threat, but he’ll come at you at full health when it wears off. But warlocks fear and have free range for damage and druids can hit you while hexed. I’m ok if their cc’s have a trade off or if the mages’ trade off for poly is lifted, but I’d definately level that playing field.

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  19. “The idea is not horrible but in today’s raiding environment does anyone have time to stop their rotation for a moment to click on something for a heal? I know when I’m dpsing or tanking the last thing I want to think about is healing. That’s what the healer is for.”


    Then why do tanks have cool-downs to reduce the amount of damage they take? Why do we move out of the fire? Any health pots or ‘lock candy in your bags?

    Better idea with lightwell would be to tune it so that it made sense to use it more often.

    Possible examples – You have to move away to drop debuff? Click on the lightwell as you run past. Miss one of the 3 stacks you need to survive the next AOE? Lightwell to the rescue!

    Healing myself may not be at the top of my priority list, but dead dps is no dps.

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  21. I agree with all of the above except Mind Soothe/Soothe Animal. Classes having little abilities that don’t affect combat but do possibly handy things once in a while is fine and adds to class diversity. But for all the people arguing about the usefulness of Dampen Magic, I would say that is all the more reason it *should* go. Blizzard is doing a lot of buff consolidation in Cataclysm. They should either decide this is a buff category they are supporting and share it with another class or decide it is not supported and dump it.

  22. “As a mage, your target should die well before your health becomes an issue, damage mitigation is best left to tanks and disc priests.”

    What part of when we solo didn’t you read? How is a priest or tank going to mitigate damage when it’s just me and the elites of the world casting magic in my direction? You have to rely on yourself some times. And secondly, where is the fun in killing a monster I can 1-3 hit? I like challenge. And fighting monsters (or people) that push me to my limits is what makes me a better player, I like fighting things I have to think to defeat, not something I just button spam and move on.

  23. Vigilance… Give Prot Warriors something USEFUL. I mean why should We rely on someone ELSE for Aggro?

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