Brace yourselves, roleplayers, Azeroth is about to get rocked!

Patch 4.0.3a will hit WoW this week, so my ramblings about all things RPish will be light today. Instead, like probably many of you, I’ll be in game getting some last minute items squared away on a couple of characters before all Deathwing breaks loose.

I also open the forum up to all the readers, as I would love to hear how you are roleplaying the final days before the Cataclysm.  How much, and in what ways, has the impending destruction influenced your character(s), or not?  Have you created any new characters specifically for the event, aside from a goblin or worgen? Have you brought back any older characters into play? What quests, achievements, and items have you tied into your RP sessions for the event? Which character do you plan on having in game at the time the Cataclysm hits, where will they be, and for what RP purpose?

Take a few minutes for a thorough reading of the official 4.0.3a Patch Notes, and the same over at MMO Champion to tweak your character preparations for this week. Then get yourselves in game and enjoy the roleplay. Until next week (if I survive this one), role on!

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2 thoughts on “Shattered!

  1. How do you know the patch is coming tomorrow?
    I can’t find the Official statement from Blizz..

  2. Well, now that patch 4.0.3 is released, I have to say the World of Warcraft has truly come u0p with something exciting. The Azeroth is simply magnificent and they have included many interesting scenarios in that aspect. There are so many quests, achievements as well as many RP sessions regarding the event which I must say makes the game better than ever before. The ability to choose character during the cataclysm hits is exceptional! I must say the 4.0.3 patch really did it!

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