279 – An extra thumb

Turpster returns from E3 and has some things to say about it, Proudmore gets a facelift, pet battles are jaunty, Diablo 3 auction house wants your real money now, why the Dragon Soul entrance is in Caverns of Time, is leveling fast as good as it’s cracked up to be, angry player is angry, helping people understand the world, games in general go opposite while D3 goes the other way in May.

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11 thoughts on “279 – An extra thumb

  1. Hope Rift the best. While the Rift world boss looked amazing. Looks like its seriously on rails and after a period of time will not be a respected boss encounter, just another lootship.

    • Agreed. I wish the makers of this podcast would play the game and do more talking about builds, flavors of the month, macros, rotations, strategies, walkthroughs, etc. It seems to be coasting on it’s popularity (production quality) and moving away from valuable WoW information. I am not as interested in a podcast that recaps MMO news I can find on other sites as I am in game play info and content.

    • To be fair, there was a moment from 56:12 – 56:40 where Dills describes his current strategy for effective time spent leveling in order to ensure faction rep and justice point gains to be best prepared for cap. Now if they would make a 90 minute podcast like that rather than a 28 second podcast … I would be happy.

    • Have a little perspective folks. It was fresh off of E3 and most wow talk is like picking a corpse after the buzzards right now. let’s not totally live under a rock. Ps. Pandas are still a terrible idea

  2. i hate that i have to wait for the instance for the next day i dont live in australia but i have the same time zone lol so what time does this show air in aussie time?

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