283 – Who will make our movie

Sam Raimi is off the film, Mists of P. boxes are on the Bnet, transfers are 25% off, and we wonder what that means, the big Diablo letter from Mike, thoughts on not having an authenticator, has the game gotten too complicated, pet battle system site goes live, and MORE!

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13 thoughts on “283 – Who will make our movie

  1. Hunter of Lady Lumps, blood hood EU, love the show listen to you as much as possible. Great work guys and gals. Would love blizzard to get a world raid runs. Here’s wishing.

  2. Thank you. in an odd sort of way i am more proud of my 4year old daughter being heard on the Instance than when i watched her graduate preschool.

  3. Superman is not faster than the flash. #463 of Superman Adventures Comic, they raced and Flash won.

  4. I loved MH at 70, watch some level appropriate videos of it. The fights had a lot of variety to them and it felt unique at the time. I was BT attuned also, its quite sad running through them now because they are so easy. I loved it. One nice thing from the attunement is that you got a neck which had +shadow resistance that teleported you to the BT entrance and your whole group had to stack shadow resistance gear for Mother Shahraz, the whole farming up to that point and making sure everyone had their shadow res gear made it really interesting and involving, made feeling part of a guild feel really important, the whole lead-up to that fight was awesome and finally killing illidan felt like a huge achievement.

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  11. I suspect your Mac using listener who didn’t like authenticators should consider reading this:

    Also, if I understood the letter correctly, there were 3, or more, players on only one or two accounts?
    The best thing to do, would really be to call Blizzard, and say that his kids are now old enough to have their own account. Blizzard can then create a new Battle.Net account which would have the relevant characters.

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