295 – Watch the World Burn

Scott Johnson and Mark Turpin have returned to your ear holes for your WoW edu-tainment. Dills is feeling a bit under the weather, everyone is hoping that his rash clears up soon. In this week’s discussions, everyone in Azeroth drops dead due to hackitude, Maine Republicans seem to hate WoW players, and trade chat is still as trade chat-y as ever (aka useless).

Also, the Craft Azeroth Minecraft project beta has been released. As you may have gleaned from the title, this is a quest to build Azeroth in Minecraft form, and it’s massive. The current version of this is about 275 square kilometers and contains over 68 billion blocks. You can download the latest version here (2.17 GB), but be careful, once it’s extracted to your HDD it’ll be closer to 24 GB. Which is bigger than WoW itself, by the way.

Video version of today’s show!

Finally, here is the winning Doomhammer video:

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13 thoughts on “295 – Watch the World Burn

  1. Paul, the last three weeks, the “mp3 File” link has actually been an mp4 file. Any help? I sometimes have sketchy signal, and my phone can download the mp3 files to play afterwards. I can’t do the dame with mp4.

  2. Just want to toss out some words to the point of Republicans in Maine. I say that in the New and was shocked. Just to be open I’m a Mainer I live just North of Bangor. (the Home of Steven King is half a block form the place I work in fact) I my self am a Conservative Independent. BUT I can speak to my Republican friends in my area, That are also Gamers. And we all agree that guy has no Idea what he is talking about. And is digging low to make a Opponent look bad. And is more to the point of how far politics has fallen. Lucky this guy was was put tot the spot light but to much of this is going on on both sides and I don’t see it stopping. And that to me is the saddest thing. (and on a personal note I hope that guy losses to the horde.)

    And please don’t look down on the rest of the Republican part in Maine because of this guy. Maine Republican and Democrats are both filled with Very out standing people that work hard together to get what need to be done done right,

    • Most people probably don’t associate Republicans with being anti-gamer specifically, I don’t think. But people do associate conservative social values with Republicans. And that comes with a lot of stigmas of people who say that media is too sexual or too violent, video games or otherwise. But as Scott said, I think that stereotype is going away. If for no other reason than younger gamers and becoming older gamers. A trend that will likely continue.

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  7. Just a note about the mining nodes on Pandaria, I’ve found three different types of ore (which come to mind instantly) including Ghost Iron, Pyramite, and Trillium (not sure I’m spelling them correctly there). Yes, Ghost Iron is by far the most common on Pandaria (at least as far as I’ve gotten so far which is nearly halfway through Level 88), but there is indeed a variety.

    Ooh, if we take away that constructive criticism, does that make Mists the greatest expansion of all time? 😉 Hehehe…

    Love the podcast and the videos, guys! Thanks for always doing a great job and for expanding my Warcraft world.

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