The dailies… my God the dailies…

To say that there are a few dailies in MoP is kind of like saying that the middle east has a few problems. One of the blue posts this week caught my eye regarding this. It started with the (unfortunately) typical “I’m quitting. Thanks for nothing Blizz.” forum posts. The complaint was the loot system, Sha, and especially the dailies were an unbearable grind that he could no longer tolerate. This is completely forgetting about the fact that he claimed to level 9 classes to level 90 in the same post as “I have a family.”

Are there too many dailies in WoW? For the raider, I can absolutely see the point being made. One of the linchpins in this daily system is the ability to acquire raid-level gear based on tokens and rep. The quickest way to get the gear is by hitting revered with the Golden Lotus and the Klaxxi, only to then hit revered with the August Celestial and the Shado-Pan. And when you start adding alts into the mix I understand why this would become quite taxing. Blizzard is supposedly already trying to address this issue with the double faction rep in the 5.1 patch, but whether or not that would be enough for the average player is really anyone’s guess. So for now, it’s a problem that we’re all stuck with. And as such, grinding out this rep is a requirement for most semi-serious raiding teams. So I guess the question should rather be, are there too many dailies that are important in WoW?

Whether or not we have more dailies to do as a player seems to be a moot point. Really, people are feeling the pinch because players feel like they have to do more dailies, certainly more than in previous expansions. Being a part of a more casual raiding guild I’m not feeling the need to grind out the rep as fast as possible. But what is the general consensus? Do dailies cause nothing but heartache for everyone? Let us know!

In other news, Blizzard dropped the release date for Heart of the Swarm, 3-12-2013. So, you know, I’ll be looking forward to when that gets delayed. If you’re interested in pre-purchasing the game go here, it’ll simply tie in to your account as one would expect. Looks like they have a digital deluxe edition including the usual stuff: a sigil in Diablo, a pet in WoW, a portrait in Starcraft. The bigger collectors edition is impressive, and looks to be much like the original CE for Starcraft II. It’ll have the digital stuff mentioned earlier plus a mouse pad, an art book, a behind-the-scenes blu-ray, and official soundtrack. It occurs to me that I still haven’t watched the behind-the-scenes from Starcraft II or Diablo III… that said I’ll still probably get the new CE.

18 thoughts on “The dailies… my God the dailies…

  1. You have to work towards getting something in the game. I am sick of all these “gamers” wanting everything right off the bat. The grind makes the reward that much better in my opinion, but to each their own, I personally love it, get me out of constant dungeons and into the world, I have met tons of new players and for the first time since WOTLK, I look forward to playing to relax and blow off steam. Games should be fun, not stress players out to the point of rage quitting.

    • I absolutely agree that players should work towards something in the game, but dailies might be the absolute worse way to reward players, because it’s simply just a time sink. Rewarding players for doing boring, repetitive tasks that are artificially lengthened is as bad to me as giving them the shit upfront.

      Maybe this is just a problem I have with MMOs in general.

  2. Honestly I took a break too from WoW after those dailies crushed my soul. I enjoyed the content from 85 to 90 and was all excited about MoP. But those dailies killed me. I love that there’s allot of content, But honestly by the time I finished all those dailies each day, I just didn’t feel like doing anything else. It’s really no ones fault but mine, maybe I should just split up the time I spend on dailies, but yeah I’m taking a break and I’ll come back to it at some point.

  3. The real problem I find with the dailies is the lack of an efficient way to get from one hub quest to another. Pandara is a huge continent and with unlimited dailies now you can get to feel like you’re wasting a day if you don’t do as many if not all of the daily quests as you can.

  4. Tillers / anglers…. beside questing rep {i stopped at 90} i refuse to do them! refuse!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Is it up to Blizzard to spoonfeed the entire playerbase?

    Raiders – Your level of standard in the guild does depend on gear. So yeah, you can do the important factions’ worth of daillies (does not include Tillers nor Anglers nor Cloud Serpent) and then get the great gear in Raid.

    Hardcore players – If you go into a donut shoppe, do you HAVE to eat ALL the donuts?

    Casual Gamers – This is where I fit it. I love the multitude of options I have. I don’t feel the need to have them all done right away, because I don’t want to be frustrated today and bored next month. Also, when I go into a donut shoppe, I buy and eat 1 donut and walk away happy. (If I happen to visit the same donut shoppe twice or thrice a day, so be it! 😀 )

    I don’t particularly want Blizzard to change anything. I like the different options at end game for the different styles of playing. I don’t like people complaining that they feel they have to do everything, and point the finger at Blizzard. That’s not fair. I give respect to Blizzard for listening to the player base and offer to address some changes to come to a compromise.

  6. There’s a lot of dailies. But I have the time to do them all.

    As in I am 2 days away from exalted with the August Celestials, which is the last one I need for my tailor, and then I’ll just get my blacksmith to Honored with the Klaxxi for belt buckles, and then I can level my monk.

    There’s a lot of them, and some are more useful than others, and those can vary depending on your professions (Enchanters really do need to push for Shado-Pan and August Celestials, for example; Tailors for the ACs for the 28 slot bag).

  7. I thought the design idea of theis expac was options. Why lock up gear behind rep grinds. Leave rep grinds for the people that like that stuff. Chain running dungeons is how we been able to gear up for raids for the last 2 expac’s and it worked GREAT!! Now in the expac that they claim to be giving us options they take that avenue away.

  8. I started MoP out refusing to do “optional” dailies. I geared up in heroics and had a full set of 463’s in no time. I did LFR and Sha but was not very lucky with drops. Later I noticed my DPS sliding down below my teammates. They put down feasts but I didn’t because I hadn’t done Tillers. On one fight we were hitting the enrage timer and we needed every bit of DPS possible so everyone else ate 300 food but I couldn’t because I hadn’t learned the 300 food recipe. They ended up giving me some 300 food because I was broke from buying golden lotuses on the AH for flasks.

    I was doing my imperial silk cooldown every day but I couldn’t make the thread for our healers or gear for the clothies because those patterns were rep locked. I had a stack of silk and nothing to do with it and the team had to use the AH for those things. Same with Sha crystals. In Cata I made tailoring epics and embersilk bags for money but in MoP I have no way to make money without doing dailies or (yawn) fishing.

    I was bringing my team down because I refused to do dailies. They had better gear, better buffs, and they were able use their professions to help the group. They had gold to buy items to fill in the gaps.

    Whenever I had non-raid time in the game, I wanted to spend it exploring or doing some of the new stuff like pet battles, checking out the new battlegrounds, or leveling an alt. But whenever I did those things I felt guilty because I would look at my friends’ list and see my teammates in daily zones “working” while I was “slacking off” doing fun things.

    There was a point where I considered putting wow on to a portable drive so I could get dailies done from work and that was the point where I drew the line. WoW in my mind stopped being a break from work and actually became the same as work. I am now taking a break from the game altogether and enjoying the lack of pressure. My team has since replaced me with someone that does do dailies. MoP raiding is not for me!

  9. Dailies are the opposite of fun. That alone should be enough justification to think they shouldn’t be in the game.

      • I mean, they’re quests you repeat solely for loot you get at the end. That’s lame game design.

        It’s game design that, to me, comes very close with recharge and token mechanics in Facebook games; shit that’s just meant to artificially extend the amount you play and get you to spend more money.

  10. I have always hated dailies, to the point where I only had shoulder enchants on my main in Cata because the rest of my toons were still hated with therazane…even though my raiding toon ended up being one of those alts. Come MoP, I ground out the dailies every day, but it was *my conscious decision* to do that. I was thrilled when I was able to stop doing them two weeks ago because I realized halfway through revered with AC and SP I could buy the enchants even though they were still red. And then I was less thrilled that Monday when I realized I was nowhere close to capping VP, so I had to chain run heroics and do some dailies while I waited. Now I’m picking and choosing a few daily hubs a day while I wait in a queue…and guess what? I suddenly sort of like them! It feels like I’m going back to old friends to help them out.
    I’m not sure how but, like a lab rat, I’ve now been conditioned to push the (daily) button to seek the reward, instead of pushing the (dungeon) button. I blame it on the fabulous storytelling and NPC’s feeling real, but it could just be that I became so familiar with it, or that now that I feel I’m doing it of my own volition I feel free to like them.

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  12. Hmmm…as expected a lot of polarized reactions to this post. I’d like to present a slightly less extreme suggestion.

    What’s Good? Plenty of options for daily quests and ways to gain valor points for our semi-weekly 489 pieces. I LIKE the way professions have the best patterns, recipes, etc gated behind rep because it keeps certain items (like belt buckles and 24 slot bags) relatively pricey on the AH. It’s good for the economy that not every bank alt can learn all the recipes immeadiately. The daily quests are varied and include plenty of story breaks and unlockable companion characters to keep things interesting (well, as interesting as dailies have ever been).

    The Bad: The Golden Lotus Rep gate. (Bad Blizzard!) Why is this gate here? Ok, maybe they used it as a soft timer to make the expansion open up at a slower pace, but it needs to go now that alts are coming up. It may be time to make rep to revered account wide.

    Maybe certain faction gains and even professions to an account basis. Fishing, First Aid, and Arch. should be account wide because they are boring by nature and don’t break the game. The Tillers, Anglers, and Lorewalker rep pools could be account wide leaving only Shado Pan/Klaxxi/August Celestials/Golden Lotus as grinds (with the new rep boosts from 5.1 those should be no worse than Wrath or Cata).

    I think the key, as always, is to make changes in moderation. There’s a way to make this smoother without just giving players welfare epics like back in the Wrath days (grinding dungeons for 48 hours straight to get raid quality gear is unacceptable).

  13. I do agree with the fact that there are way too many dailies.

    I spend a lot of time in WoW. I’m the guild leader of a large 10-man guild that runs two raids per week. One is our core raid that I heal, the second is Group B that I heal and lead. Because of the fact that I am a raid leader, I zoomed 4 toons to 90 as quick as I could. I like to be flexible and fill what role needs to be filled so I have 2 healers, 1 dps, and a tank.

    I leveled these toons for raiding and to make things easier on my guild. I have no problems doing the heroic grind to obtain heroic 5-man level gear for my alts. The thing I do have a problem with is that getting higher ilvl gear that allows me to do better in a particular role has been gated by reps. The valor point thing was to be expected. But now instead of just running heroics that hold nothing for you, scenarios that have little benefit (other than the amount of gold it adds to your guild bank), and LFR to get the valor, you also have to do a gazillion dailies a day to open the vendor in the first place. And this is purely from a raiders standpoint, not including any dailies from the “fun” hubs like the Anglers, and the Cloud Serpents.

    I do like they’re going to give double rep in 5.1, but it’s a long waiting game for that to happen. And until then, I am only doing one toon at a time (que the extra frustration for all the gold I’m sinking into respec’ing on my priest so that I can go shadow instead of my normal holy/disc raiding specs so I can complete the dailies. Even doing them with guildies, I feel like I’m not pulling my weight dps’ing as disc).

    I think a better way to do it would have been gating SOME of the gear with reputations. It makes sense to get better gear, you’re going to have to do some work to get it but I think to the extent that it’s at now is a little excessive. Or they could have made the items available at a lower reputation level (Although I do agree for the mounts and other like items, that Exalted is a good thing.)

    Or if they felt that they HAD to gate Valor Point gear with reputation, they should have made the rep grind a little easier. On my druid (my main), I was getting less than 200 rep for each quest I completed with the Golden Lotus. That is a pretty long rep grind.

  14. People complaining about dailys are whiners!
    Stop whining about having all of these options of fun stuff to do at end game! If Blizz actually listens to you and removes the options then you will whine that there is nothing to do!
    Is it too much to ask that you have to work for some purple gear? not to mention that “Too many” is like 10-30 short quests a day. oh boohoo!
    And for all of the “hardcore’ raiders out there: teams took down heroic mogushan in 463 gear. mogushan regular gear is better than any revered gear anyway.
    If dailys are not your thing then stop doing them. focus on actually clearing the raids and getting epic gear.
    I read all the posts and it’s all a bunch of whiny crap..
    “Oh i have to spend so much money going shadaw now!” uh.. thier dailys..your int / spirit gear will do fine..
    “it’s hard to gear out my 4 toons for raiding!” -as it should be. you want a reward for leveling four charactors to 90? what did you expect?
    “why can’t i just run chain dungions for rep?” -because that’s sooo much funner than doing dailys? I think your just mad because you can’t get revered overnight by monotonously running dungeons..
    “it takes too long to get from zone to zone” -it takes like 5 minutes to fly across the entire continent. remember pre-bc end game? it tooks 30 minutes to fly to the next zone.
    “my warrior sucks and you all eat poo” -wow is a better game without you, troll!

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