Battleground Pre-Made Mayhem

PvP has been the focus of late, with the major functionality in the 5.1 patch being PvP in one form or another. And, among other things, recently Blizzard has taken a fairly hard-lined stance against pre-mades in unrated Battlegrounds. Specifically disabling any add-on that automatically puts an organized group and a randomly assembled group, oQueue is one popular example. This, in turn, has caused many to cry fowl on this “new” standard. And I only say “new” because Blizzard has gone on record in the past saying that they do not like the idea of pre-mades in BGs, it’s only become a bigger problem recently. One the hand, you have many people who enjoy playing with their friends, a mantra that Blizzard has been touting since WoW’s inception. I mean, why would you not want to play with your friends against random people in Battlegrounds?

On the other hand, Blizzard’s response to this has simply been that you should not be allowed to manipulate the system at the expense of the fun of others. The end result, according to Blizzard, is that many newcomers (or vets for that matter) will be driven away from PvP. Some will quit outright once they realize that there is a pre-made on the end, others will suffer through and eventually just rage quit. These experiences that most people in WoW are keenly aware of. It should also be noted that Rated Battlegrounds are at everyone’s disposal, but with that comes a layer of competition. And that would seem to be the major sticking point. Given the way that most people in the forums are forming their arguments, it would seem that they don’t like the fact that they simply can’t roll over pug anymore. Being able to play with friends is still there, it’s just a more difficult challenge in-game. Of course Blizzard has said that they are exploring many solutions, and I’m sure that some are being favored more than others. Whatever they come up with, we’ll all know soon and I’m sure many still won’t like it. Any thoughts on this topic? Should folks be allowed to make a “casual pre-made” to go up against random pugs? Personally, I took personal joy in making other pre-mades lose and I’m little sad that I can’t get that same feeling anymore.

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3 thoughts on “Battleground Pre-Made Mayhem

  1. Pre-made groups of 10-15 players usually consist of immature teenagers, who are too afraid to play a rated battleground if they want an experience with a lot of team work and communication. Just afraid of some challenge, while realizing how easy it would be to roll through a random BG and have some lolz at the expense of many more players rage quitting and writing tickets to GMs

    Random/Normal Battlegrounds should be limited to a maximum group of 5, which makes sense, regarding the boundaries where the group crosses over to a raid with 5 people or more.

  2. =( R.I.P QueueQ premades, I was there once when you did the impossible in AV… you summoned Ivus, something i haven’t seen since old school AV. i instantly donated 5$ to have member perks and we did amazing things as a “RANDOM” group of people {a few core members} leaders} following directions in Ventrilo… i will miss you.

  3. I remember years ago back in BC when I used to run AV a LOT…. there was always a russian server that put pre-mades together. Once we saw lots of people from that server we knew it was an organised pre-made. Sometimes we just let them win and tried again… sometimes however we managed to beat them and I have to say it was really a good feeling to do :) I kinda like the idea of beating the odds to beat a premade so I dont know really.

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