The Warcraft Movie Has A Director

Duncan Jones poses for photographers witThe news came out today that our long-awaited, and much delayed, Warcraft movie (officially, this time) has a director. Duncan Jones, most notably the director from Source Code, has signed to direct the project. And with that, Warner Bros. is looking to start production by the end of this year and have a 2015 release. The current script is being written by Charles Leavitt and produced by Stuart Fenegan and some guy named Chris Metzen.

Now, lest we forget, this movie would be added to a seemingly wonderful year for movies: Star Wars, Avengers 2, Justice League, Avatar 2, and now Warcraft. Enjoy it folks, this kind of line-up doesn’t happen that often.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


2 thoughts on “The Warcraft Movie Has A Director

  1. Sign me up! Even though the people behind the scenes right now are not spotlight people, if they get the right fx, art dept and construction people, and throw a lot of money at it, it could be amazing. If it is all cgi then bleh.

  2. I really hope they spend the money on top quality writers to join in with the Blizzard writers. I’d rather see a superior script instead of seeing a Brad Pitt type taking most of the budget. It’s not that a huge actor doesn’t bring a lot to the film, but WOW is lore based and a great story needs to be the primary focus IMHO. My prediction is they will use it to sell the next expansion whatever that may be.

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