312 – The One with Ghostcrawler



So who is running the World of Warcraft these days? We should really talk with him. On this episode of The Instance, we have a HUGE interview with Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street. For those unaware, Mr. Ghostcrawler is the current Lead Systems Designer for WoW. Basically when people say their toon under-powered, they complain to him, and in Mandarin. We get into everything from the upcoming 5.2 patch to his use of Twitter. Folks, this one should not be missed. And, on top of that, we have an Instance episode for you. The Thunder King is in the building, battleground with the Blues, HOTS has a great new trailer, and what you hope Blizzard might be doing with iOS and Android. Fingers crossed for Lost Vikings 3.

The emails have come in and our team does it’s best to work through the Nigerian princes of the world. The check is in the mail, your highness. Why no love for Paladins with 5.2, it’s not that they are being nerfed… more like ignored. Also, hints at the next expansion from a listener, why cities are empty, getting to know the Thunder King better, and lots more!

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