320 – Hot Trash


On this trio-tastic episode of The Instance, 5.3 is coming and XP nerf is not far behind it, Blizzard Twitter Roundup, Blizzard and Twitter, books you should read as a WoW fan, we give away some mega-blocks, and loads more!  As many of you know, the first wave of Blizzcon tickets have come and gone in a matter milliseconds and most (myself included) came up short. The next round of tickets will be available tomorrow, April 27th at 10 am PST. And God be with you all replacing your F5 key for tomorrow. How do you feel about the queuing system? The Instance team discusses.

For some odd reason Scott, Dills, and Turpster have decided to address the unwashed masses directly in an attempt to “engage the community” and “build an audience”… we’ll see how well that works out.  What does one do after you hit 90? (Answer: Dailies) What advice would you give to folks attending Blizzcon for the first time? (Answer: Water) And, embarrassments outside of WoW. All of this, and, we have the complete video footage of show for your viewing and listening pleasure. Enjoy:

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14 thoughts on “320 – Hot Trash

  1. OMG!! Best closest thing possible to seeing the show live. Please have a video version of the cast for every episode from now on, please? Grats Reddan on the win. Of course, since I didn’t win, I have to find something to fill in the space I made on my desk for them.

    Again, guys, grats on another fine episode, and ty for the video version.

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  6. Well that’s the closest I will get to getting a mention on the show :)

    Instance listener – started a Mediocre Golf chapter here :) Cheers Dills, and go the Adelaide chapter! Australia MGA to take over the world!

  7. is this contest here? I want free monkey swags.

    also tupster is very funny guy

    hope you ok on toilet with ur dawghouse!

    soory must work no going to nerdtackular

    Your friend

    Toilet Bunny

  8. I love that I can watch the feed now on YouTube since I can’t watch the live stream at work. Love the show though.

  9. Thanks for the show, enjoyed it as always. I’d love to make it out to nerdtacular, but maybe another year. Honestly I’d rather hit up nerdtarcular than go to Blizzcon, as I get more enjoyment from the Frogpants shows right now than I do from Blizzard games. Guess its a moot point since I will be attending neither.

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