Interview with Cory Stockton

cory_cminusMr. Scott Johnson had the tremendous opportunity to sit down with World of Warcraft Lead Content Designer, Cory Stockton. Patch 5.4 is on the docket today and much was discussed. Examination on balancing in Flex Raids, what should change in WoW and when, Garrosh Hellscream, Blizzcon, and much more are in your future!

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6 thoughts on “Interview with Cory Stockton

  1. Scott, you’re a great podcaster, but a terrible interviewer. Stop feeding answers to your guest. You keep asking questions, then giving YOUR answer / opinion to Cory before he even has a chance to give his answer. Its not your role to try and guess what the Devs are thinking while you are interviewing them, save your guesses and opinions for the regular podcast.

    • Sorry. Let me start over.

      What I really wanted to say was: Sorry you didn’t like it. I work hard on these, so hopefully you’ll enjoy them more in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Sorry, but I disagree with Womba’s comment. Question and answer sessions are boring, especially when they are disjointed. This wasn’t a Q&A session – this was a conversational interview, and discussions themselves are fascinating. This is probably the best discussion I’ve heard in a while with a WoW developer – great job!

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