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  1. Hey the instance .. ive just recently started listening to your podcasts and ive got to say … I enjoy it alot.

    I would like to heard a discussion about restoration shamans /haste !
    and other classes like .. rogues gemming atk power or rather agility etc.

    thanks for reading

    Ariava,Hellscream EU

  2. hey scott and randy. i play an orc hunter on the Shattered hand server and i just wanna say i understand how scott feels about henry i have a bear that i named yogi(i know real original lol) but ive had him through levels 15 all the way to 80. i dont use him nearly as much anymore but still i cant just let him go. anyways i love listening to your show, especially at work it gets my mind off of the mudaine tasks that my job is. Keep up the good work cant wait til the next show

  3. in episode #158 the closing had a parody of Eminem’s “Soldier” called effectively “Healer” It’s amazingly well done! does that submitter have a website? he’s done other parody’s, where can I get more?!?!

  4. Hey Scottbomb and randygernerd i love the show and just want to say what a great job u guys are doing. I was thinking the other day u should should have a section on the show is called where’s would you find__________in wow it could be like, where could you find a handycap parking space in wow,or something along the lines. Great show bye

  5. I get so mad about gear score – yet another obstacle to getting gear and experience.

    I would be so pissed if I was removed for that.

    Never been mad about wow until this . . .

  6. I was just wondering, when looking alea iacta est up on the armory, why does it say all of the members are level 70?

  7. You guys are awesome. Been listening to the podcasts all day and just got through the most recent podcast. Havent been able to play my tank druid/boomkin since November and this was a great way to catch up on the news. I think that the main reason most people don’t tank is due to the community believe that all wipes are the tanks fault, and that overgeared dps tends to blame the undergeared tank when they pull aggro.

    Ramoc of – Bloodscalp(US)

  8. Hey Scott and Randy, I have been listening to the show for a while and i want to make a shout out to The Knights Of Vegemight on the Uldum server.
    Thanks and Keep up the good work :)

  9. Hey fellas, just started listening a few months back and I’m glad I did, as your show provides a great perspective on the game, not to mention it’s entertaining as all get up. Question about dungeon ethics…
    First off, I’ve been playing the lore of Warcraft since Orcs and Humans came out, but when WoW was released, I veered away due to the MMORPG nature. I liked playing W2 over a LAN network with friends, but this seemed too much, so I didn’t get into it until about 7 months ago. I just flipped 80 a couple of days ago.

    2 questions regarding topics from the Black Box episode:

  10. You probably have already gotten this answer, but here goes anyway. It is against TOS to name reserve with Level One Characters. If you want a name, and a Level One with no recent activity is holding it, a GM will give you the name.

    However, if the char has reached Level Two, that name is their’s forever, no matter how inactive the character is.

  11. Hey guys ive been having some trouble with my new computer, I went to install all the Addons that ive always used on my old computer and it worked but when i logged in it wouldnt show the little Addons button on the charater page. At first i didnt know what was wrong and i still dont but i have a theroie. With this computer being a new one it has the new Windows 7 so my questions is do you think that windows 7 is effecting how i play wow.
    PLease if u have an asewer for this use it on the show so the other people that have this problem can be helped as well.

  12. As an enchanter the disenchant option is crap!!! Yes it did cost us 1000’s of gold, now we can NEVER recoupe that costs without (dis)enchanting as a viable option to make gold. Yes, you know who would SCREAM bloody murder if they made frost lotus more available….herbalist…yes….it is a ‘gathering’ trade, just as, JUST as enchanting is to us, the disenchanted!

  13. WHAT!?

    I just heard a rumor that Garrosh becomes the Warchief of the Horde and then kills Cairne in a duel. He splits the Horde apart. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING!!!! How come the Alliance never has anything bad happen to them?

  14. Scott and Randy;
    I have wanted to ask for sometime now why is there an insistence by people to be in a guild or part of a guild? I have been both a freelance player with a private guild containing only my wife. I have also been a part of several larger raiding guilds.
    While in the raiding guilds I have noticed the inevitable strife between members and insistence that we all should do and act with some level of reverence to the guild officers. I play wow to get away from that corporate hierarchy crap, why would I want it in something I am paying to play?
    If we could just have guild alliances as they did in city of heroes then we could easily work the raids without all the drama that comes with people needing to play other people’s characters or be offended because someone is telling dirty jokes in g-chat.
    I understand from your previous pod-casts that you have a large guild (social experiment I believe was a term used) and that it has worked for you so it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on smaller guilds being able to form alliances in order to do the end game content.
    Robsnloots (winterhoof)

  15. Hey guys love the show so much its great and funny, cant wait for more.. :)

    Brixazure Ret Pallie
    Garona Server

  16. I am a WoW newbie, having only started playing about a month ago. I love listening to the Instance while I’m driving or playing WoW since hearing more experienced people discuss things helps me be better prepared for the coming endgame; I am almost level 68 (Obiwayne on Fizzcrank server) and getting very excited about going to Northrend soon.

    The only problem I have being a newbie is that it seems like a lot of original and BC content is now ignored; for example, when I first found about the “tier sets” I looked for something like a Tier-1 or Tier-2 set, and then found out it’s not worth doing because the gear in Outland blows it away. I spent days farming Naga in STV hoping for the Blackskull shield to drop, and like the third or fourth quest in Hellfire gave me a shield that was better than it. It just seems like the focus is to now get to 80 ASAP and then start doing dungeons and raids, because it’s not worth it to “gear up” at level 60 to do things like Molten Core or Zul’Gurub if there is a ton of better stuff in the newer areas. I feel like I’m missing out on some of the cool stuff in WoW because I came to the game late and now everyone is focused on hitting level 80 and doing ICC.

    I still love the podcast, and look forward to listening more to you guys! Keep up the great work!

  17. Hi guys love the work your doing. idk if this is the place to ask questions but do you guys know where can I get my hands on some of those wow novels that I’ve been hearing so much about. I live in Toronto Canada. thank you and keep up the good work.

  18. Hey Scott and Randy,
    There is something that has been bothering me… Last year my account was banned. After practically having to beg for blizzard to reveal why my account was banned, found it that it was banned for account sharing. Account sharing is against the ToS. Yes I was account sharing, but only with my boyfriend and that is because he paid for my account. He was logging on my account at his house and I was logging on at my house and apparently they were tracking my IP and saw that they were different *apparently*.
    Turns out that technically any given account is only allowed to have 1 primary user and 1 secondary user. The secondary user HAS to be a child of the primary user. This means no friends, no husband/wives/family are allowed to play on your account.
    How can they justify an account ban when they have the clearly obvious loophole of the “secondary user” in the ToS? Granted, I openly admitted that it was my boyfriend playing, but still… in any other case whose not to say that it wasn’t my son/daughter playing?
    I’d appreciate any input you guys have on this.
    Love the show, keep up the awesome job!

  19. Hey guys, I play on a RP server and when going in random heroics i sometimes get criticized for playing on a RP server, people saying that i dont know how to raid or just basically PvE. Whats your opion on RP realms?
    love the show guys keep it up :)
    Savús – Argent Dawn EU

  20. After listening to the last show dealing with talent points, I had an idea which I wanted to mention: With the whole idea of having a hybrid seeming to be something that is disappearing, why not have some talent or bonus that is available if you have, let’s say, 30 to 32 points into 2 trees, or 20 to 22 points in 3 trees? The 2- tree buff/bonus/talent would help out the overall attributes, bringing it to the level of a single tree spec, but would detract from some other areas. I’m a druid, so for example, a Balance/Resto spec would allow some balance attributes to help out healing (and vice versa), but effectively kill off the feral spec. I’m just spit-balling, but it’s an idea.

    Secondly, allow druids to cast while shadowmelded again!! I soooo miss this ability from vanilla WoW! As a Boomkin, I demand this be returned!!

  21. This show is the BEST podcast on the interwebs for WoW. I enjoy staying up until midnight listening to your podcast episodes and I laugh my head off whenever you guys crack a joke. Keep doing that! The randomness, while it IS off topic, it seriously makes things funny!

  22. YOOOO!!! show is legit man… keep it up… shoutouts to Gods of Attrition Warfare, horde guild on archimonde server… i am pulling for patrick in the royal rumble… i think randy would be the guy in the relationship between you two… that is all the legitness i got for now

  23. hey guys great work love the show
    i wanna give shout out to alliance guild on durotan named slap chop. You are the best

  24. I just listened to your podcast from 2/22/10 and wanted to comment on the “Cake or Death” question. Someone may have brought this to your attention already, but if not, the question stems from a super funny comedian named Eddie Izzard. I suggest you check him out!

  25. Hey guys, love the show. My question is a technical question I was hoping you could answer for me. I sometimes play WoW on my Dell Inspiron 1525 (Laptop) running Vista because I can be in my living room with my wife working a short distance away. It’s got a 4GB processor, 250 GB hard drive, dual core processor, for all intents and purposes a near top of the line laptop (1 year old). It runs every program/game (including video editing software) very easily and smoothly. WoW is probably the only exception. It runs okay when in old world or lower level dungeons. In Dal or 10 man raids, I get 4 fps. In 25 man raids or peak Dal times, it’s giving me 1 fps, which is the choppiest game you’ve ever seen. Is this a known problem with WoW and laptop (everyone in my guild seems to think so)? The game runs most effortlessly on my PC which has a 1GB RAM, 80GB hard drive, single core, Windows XP machine (a computer which is more than 6 years old which I upgraded the RAM in).

    I know part of the appeal of WoW is that it can run even on substandard machines fairly effortlessly, which is true of my PC. But I’m stumped when I run it on an up to date machine. Is it Vista? I’ve tried tweaking all of my video settings with nothing making much of a difference except view distance. I appreciate any thoughts and help from you guys. Love the show, keep up the good work.

    Alliance Elemental/Resto Shaman
    Divine Twilight Guild
    Shandris Server

  26. You guy`s do an amazing job and have searusly saved my life i had the knife on top of the artiry and thinking on pulling it but i listen to you`re show and i dont have the feeling of doing it(you make my life wort living)

  27. Guys a quick question – do you know if/when we will get a dungeon finder for Raids? This seems to be the next natural progression in the LFG tool but I’ve not heard anything on any WoW podcasts.
    Great job BTW and Thank you :)

  28. hi guys my names pete i play on the eu servers and only started listening for the last month or so since my gf got me an ipod for valentines day and now im hooked, love listening to your show, i always listen to it on my ipod at work to make the day go by quicker, keep it up guys

  29. When is Blizz going to stop making us change our triumph badges into valor badges into something something badges then into heroic badges all to just get a piece of heirloom gear or a gem. This changing from one badge to another to another then finally yet another and still once more is crazy. They need to fix this.Just saying…. Stig

  30. Hello. In response to episode 182 references, there is a reference to the game oblvion at the end of toc5. tirion says Go now and rest, you’ve earned it. The arena master in oblivion says this. Love the show guys, keep it.

  31. Hi Randy! I’m a disc priest on Rexxar. I was glad to hear a honest discussion on disc priests in raiding roles. I once had a warlock ask me what the hell I was doing raiding, since disc is a pvp spec! Also you said that you didn’t know of an addon that puts your “guessed absorbs” and “heals” together to give you one number. There is one, on recount that is “heals & absorbs”, but you also have to have the “guessed absorbs” mod for it. Thanks for the great podcast! I listen religiously.

  32. Also! Don’t forget about Father Indigo Montoy in Eastern Plaguelands. I love references to the Princess Bride.

  33. u guys say u have a chat room or something of that nature where can i log into this and chat with others during hte podcast. Also, idk if u guys have a day set up for the podcast i noticed it seems to be all over hte week each week so when should i no when to download ur guys new one?

  34. Hey scott and randy

    i have a question, what if blizzard put in a system like the lfg but its lfw or looking for work, instead of spamming trade for say an enchanter we could open a window and a list of people who have that certain profession maxed would show up wouldnt this save time, effort, and disruption to all the intelligent conversations in trade…..
    Do u guys think this system would work?


    Ps like to give a shout out to my people on the silvermoon server shaddowmoon and addourable who are getting married and to my boy zor love you guys, SILVERM

  35. Hey Randy,
    I just listened to episode #186. There was a point in the show when you warned Scott that your computer was going to crash. That wasn’t your DogHouse system was it?

  36. Hey Scott And Randy,
    (why not Randy and Scott?)
    I give you guys thanks not only did I find a good source of info about wow but I also saved my guildmates money I also have a much better sense of humor because of you guys. I honestly think that you guys are the best podcast I have ever heard and will stick to listening to you guys when ever and where ever :)
    Shout Out To Crusaders of Justice on Madoran
    ,long live the instance!!!

  37. ey guys

    good job on the show and just wanted a little shout-out to the Shadow of the Phoenix guild on the Vek’nilash EU server

    keep up the good work

  38. hey im starting a new account if you wanted to recruit a friend and get that mount.

  39. Woot great show! Why the gnome hate though. Goblins are just gnomes’s first cousins and no one will bother hating them because they are horde and they look badass.

  40. Hi scott i am Abhaya of Legacy of Darkness on the realm of Rexxar and i just wanted to say that Yes in state fais at least in Oregon there are Goat show i used to be in the 4-H and showed my goat and thanks for your pubcast i love it 😀

  41. hi gays im twelve and i play wow and i have been playing fo 2 y and i was wondering i u had any addvice

  42. Hey Scott and Randy,

    I love the show and have been listening almost since it started. I’ve also been playing WoW for 5 years. Cataclysm is the most wonderful idea in my book but, I have a question about it.

    In WotLK they introduced phasing in zones like Icecrown. In Cataclysm, they are also using phasing to change the environment and the severity (either for the worse or better) of the cataclysm at hand. I was wondering if that is so, would we still have problems with seeing our friends in those zones where there is phasing (because of quests)? Or will all the zones phase for everyone (because of passing time, not quest lines)?

    Thanks :)

  43. Hey just a quick thing on the iPhone thing. If blizz is not about giving people an in game edge over others how can they justify doing this? Do they think every person who plays WoW has an iPhone? (I Do) but I’m just saying they are expensive phones not everyone can afford them will they be putting these apps out for other platforms so you can have it on your Nexus One or other smart phone?

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