13 – Big bags of pudding

Scott and Dills are joined by special returning guest, Garrett! BOOM!

Crew skill management going mobile, LFG is a thing happening and happening soon, crew skill problems, PVP and frame rates, 1.1.4 UI walkthrough, players spending enough time in TOR, the closeness of a gaming community can be hard, Han really did shoot first, or did he, MMO’s trying to get you back, companion customization guides, and MORE!

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4 thoughts on “13 – Big bags of pudding

  1. Scott and Dills – are you guys mad at me for all my negative comments here- I do like you guys even though I think you both are abit dirty speaking- can I still join the AIE Guild… on Kellor’s Void? I did not buy the Game yet – I was hoping to get an Oceania server when it opens up here… I also was hoping for a LFG tool – that sounds great they are making one… Are you guys mad at me- I do not at all dislike you guys I just feel sometimes you have some Jr High mindsets and I also think Dills is to favorable to porn. I am a nice guy though – if I met you at a Bliz Con I would buy you guys a coffee or nachos and thank you for the overall good shows… I do not have any fancy phone with apps though – I think that whole phone apps thing is more a chain and a waste than a assistance… Anyhow thanks for the info on the show I like Darth Maul too – as a antagonist of course not a role model – but actually they should have cast me as the Sith Lord becuse I am so Bad and Cool.

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