15 – That’s not a nice look

Garrett and Brian H. join us while Dills travels from rainy Austin back to sunny SF!

BH still can’t move, Patch 1.2 is up on the test servers, a nice look at the new armor sets, 8 man warzone queuing clarification, too much content, ME3 taking a bite or not, Legacy going to far, okaying tor with friends, bugged too, crafting needs, realism in games, and how to use a light saber.

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9 thoughts on “15 – That’s not a nice look

  1. A fan of your show. Heard how your BH is stuck, similar problem has happened to me, especially on my BH.

    My problem is caused by using fleet passes at the end of story quest to get back to flleet and access my ship holocom from there. The story quest is, however, scripted with your character boarding the ship from the current story planet, not fleet. Or if story quest states you need to speak to someone at vaiken space dock, you need to fly from the current story planet to the fleet, NOT use fleet pass else the story won’t activate.

    So to solve your problem, fly back to Alderaan, exit and re-enter your ship to be sure (don’t think its necessary but…) then try the holocom. Or if they say you need to get back to fleet, manually fly back to fleet, do not use fleet passes.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Yep, same thing for me on my trooper. I had used a fleet pass to go back and dump some items. I then flew to my quest area but it wouldn’t let me talk to the quest giver. I had to go all the way back to the plant I was on, then fly to the next planet without using a pass.

  3. Scott,

    You do NOT have to run normal modes before hardmodes. Once you pick up the group quest for a flashpoint, all you have to do is drop that group quest and then talk to the quest giver again to access hardemode. Normal modes at 50 are useless.

    Thanks for a fun show!

  4. About the ability to have you character wear anything you like in the game – 1.2 fixes that, because gear crafters will be able to re-engineer ANY gear and turn it into an orange item. Also, that orange item will have an additional mod slot (augment) if crit-crafted.
    The thing that really does it, is you can remove mods AND set bonuses from endgame pve and pvp gear to put in your starting planet loot orange version cloak.

  5. In reference to the caller who asked for a UI improvement to display crafting recipes by skill level, it’s already there. First drop-down menu on upper left of crafting window lets you select recipe by item level (Premium, Advanced etc.). Hope this helps dude out, love the show & keep up the good work!

  6. Regarding the ship holo not working, I had a similar problem on my Trooper. In that case the next action was to use the holo, but it was one in my class quest instance, not the one on my ship. When my ship gave me the “no message for you” indication, I retraced my steps back to complete the action.

  7. Fleet pass is almost certainly your problem with your BH, have seen it on both my Bounty Hunter and husband’s Sith Warrior, sometimes there is an npc waiting in the orbital station, sometimes it just requires you to board your ship from the planet. Don’t give up, the class story line is one of the best quests I have ever played in any game and there is enormous flexibility in which path you follow at the end.


  8. Thanks for the link to the Safe use of a Light Saber. The double ended saber always made me angry… now at least I can laugh at it.

  9. I had the same trouble with the holocron on my Trooper quest on Taris. I got to my ship, clicked the holocron, nothing happens. Only after I went back to the last questgiver on the planet, I noticed a holocron in the next room. I clicked on that and voila.

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