05: Go milk a Twi’lek!

Great to have a returning guest, Garrett, from Starcast! Hop in everyone! The water’s fine!

Garrett from Starcast joins us again! We talk PVP, new stuff in January, Scott’s support experience with Bioware phone support, slicing getting the nerf bat, reviews of ToR 2 weeks in, Bioware single player messing up my MMO, what we want in our first big patch, companion gifts, hot Mako clothes, and MORE!

Special thanks to our sponsors this week: Doghouse Systems, Turtle Beach, and TypeFrag.com!

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16 thoughts on “05: Go milk a Twi’lek!

  1. Just the current top comment on the IGN SWTOR review article I thought was interesting:

    “Just a few things to point out here.

    Its an mmo what did you guys expect?

    My favorite complaint

    This game has no endgame content:

    SWTOR: has 3 amazing WFs (bgs), A giant melee zone in tatooine (think gurubashi with better rewards), A planet dedicated to world pvp. Heroic Versions of all the flashpoints (instances), 2 Operations with 3 difficulties(raids, one of which is getting expanded on in the very first patch). Every quest, instance, npc, and operation, has voice overs. Incentive to play another class. More or less balanced classes.

    Wow at launch: 1 raid set, with 1 difficulty, and 1 group size, no pvp beyond world pvp. No voice over work. No incentive to level another character. And there has always been an op class.

    People are comparing a launch mmo (that does more than most mmos can acheive 2-3 years after launch) to one that has been launched and established for 7 years now.

    If you cant take the stresses of a launch mmo, maybe you should play something else for a few months.”

  2. Love this podcast! Always loved The Instance and now that I switched to SWTOR I’m glad I got to take my favorite podcasters with me. Great stuff :)

  3. Just ignore the people complaining about comparisons to other mmos. It’s only natural to make comparisons, and use familiar terms to describe something new. Besides, if the developers at Bioware are smart and I’m sure they are, they won’t be afraid to steal and borrow features and other things that have been succesful in other games.

  4. Hey guys that Pebo girl is hot! (TROLL COMMENTS REMOVED)

    The show was great but I still have not got the game yet. Maybe I will wait for more reviews… I canceled my WOW account long ago as it was stupid how warriors were made lame (especially execute not a full rage bar attack) but you make it sound like the Warrior type guy in Star Wars is DPS and not stupid like he is now in WOW

    (TROLL COMMENTS REMOVED) I may renew my account next expansion too. (I could world transfer to your server and smack you down as you quested for the evil Horde Kung Fu Pandas. So yeah bring up other games as you like but understand that I have no idea or concept of Rift or Guild Wars other than what you say about it… so perhaps the haters are just clueless and you need to explain your point better if you do make an allusion to a game.

    Overall though interesting show I may buy it still…

  5. What server are Scott and the rest of the guild playing on? I’m about to get my girlfriend to start playing and I believe it would help if I jumped in with the Mega Guild that SJ Pulls towards himself wherever he goes.

  6. I had the exact same problem as Garrett when I got a new iPhone 4s a few days ago. I also called Cust Support, who removed the authenticator from my account, and now I’m unable to put the authenticator back on the account. Many others are having the same problem. As far as I can tell we’re in a waiting mode while Bioware fixes the problem. Until then I can play, but with no authenticator.

    But then Garrett said right after that his WoW account got hacked? What’s that got to do with the SWTOR authenticator?

    • Both my authenticators were on my iPhone. So my WoW authenticator was removed as well. So in one day of not having an authenticator on my account I was hacked. Not directly related to the SWTOR security key but it was a result of my new phone debacle.

      • Thanks for clearing that up. The exact same thing happened to a guildie of mine about a month ago. He disabled his WoW authenticator to update his phone and got hacked in a day.

      • Hey Garrett, just wanted to let you know the same EXACT thing happened to me. I removed my Blizzard iPhone Authenticator, and exactly one day later I got hacked… a decked out 85 cleaned dry, and multiple other high level alts all cleaned out gold included. Luckily, a month later TOR came out.

        Good thing I don’t play WoW anymore.

  7. Datacrons arn’t bad though. Even if you look them up, many of them are still incredible difficult to get to so that it still feels epic after spending an hour working your way through trial and error to a datacron and finally getting it. Huge triumph.

  8. 4 Episodes in and you’ve taken out Brushwood’s Cantina Band podcast. Scott are you going to ask Brian or Tom on this podcast?

  9. Anyone else notice that the picture shows the twi’lek with human ears instead of the propper conical fixtures. Anyone know why that is?

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