10: Not that there’s anything wrong with that

Scott and Dills are secure in their Sand Speeder sidecar, reading to smell what the Hutt is cookin.

People upset about the whole gay marriage thing in ToR, 1.1.1 is HERE, Amazon has a deal for you, MMO msg boards still suck, server downtimes and what Bioware can do about them, 30+ peeps are down in the dumps, big fonts come up again, freelancer might have the answer, rooms and dummies, and how affection is bad for lower skill missions.

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19 thoughts on “10: Not that there’s anything wrong with that

  1. On the topic of simulation dps room thingy. Why not make your shiprobot play out senarios. Atleast you get to smack him up a bit now and then.

  2. Hey guys, thanks for addressing this on the podcast! I find it hilarious that the “family research council” haters are chiming in on SWTOR of all things.
    I’ve been enjoying you guys’ podcasty goodness since TOR launched, keep them coming!

  3. Just have to say this about the whole marriage thing.
    I guess it’s fine for me to hook up with an alien, just so long is it does not have the same genitals as me. Or for my Human companion to hook up with alien me.
    Seriously, I would think they would be more aghast at the way you are allowed to treat your companion, say Vette and the shock collar, than the fact you may want to express affection and romance to, oh, say anyone. Thanks for bringing a vestige of sanity to the conversation. (but not too much)

    • Yeah – not surprised at the action by the ultra conservative. It’s best to just ignore that or at the least poopoo it down – don’t give it anymore of your valuable time. We the listeners are on board and dont need 24 minutes of talk about this.

  4. Scott and Dills referred to how TOR needed to build on what the other MMO’s do right and they are dead on. The people who proclaim, “WoW didnt have ________ at lauch so it’s ok if TOR’s _________ is broken/ineffective/incomplete:”

    No, it’s not ok. TOR had 3+ years to watch from the market leader and implement systems and function that helped grow WoW to the 12-million player base bohemoth that it was. It’s not ok, that friends lists dont work. Its not ok, if whole planets cause system meltdowns. It’s not ok, if you have to disable graphics or shadows just to go inside a building. Its not ok, if PVP is ganked. It’s not ok, if end game is not engaging (many of us don’t want an army of alts) et cetera.

    Well said Scott and Dills – you guys set the clock ticking – 6 months. I’ve also pretty much set my own time line. If TOR feels its more important to keep running down bugs instead of creating engaging end game content – i’ll be out too. Incidently, BW has communicated bug fixing IS their priority…

    • the majority of your 2nd paragraph is complaining about bugs but then you have a problem with the fact that they have gone on record saying that is their focus for the time being.That is not even taking into account that the teams that are working on bugs are different to some degree than the team working on new content.. so they can do both.

      • The comment has to do with them releasing a game so bugged and without key features, and falling back on the excuse that ‘wow didnt have this, either’ and what I’m saying is this isnt acceptable.

        My problem is that theyre committing to bug fixes (which shouldnt be here to start with) instead of develop end game material. BW posted that the content devs aren’t all hands on deck – content dev is back burner – I dont believe they’ve committed to doing both.

  5. I was very disappointed that you wasted 20 mins rambling and going on and on about Tony Perkins. You start off saying you don’t care if someone wants to have a homosexual relationship in game or real life and that Tony is a radical. Then you go on a 20+ min rampage about the whole mess. IMHO it was a complete waste of time.

    I am a gamer, a father and have very conservative political views, so not everyone that is a conservative is “radical” etc.

    Anyway, it would. be really wise for you to do your research before you bash a conservative for his views. Your skewed numbers about % of gays in the population shows a complete lack of info on the subject. the actual number is much lower. See the link below. This link is not from some “radicals” either. Stick to the game and please stop bantering all this liberal nonsense.


    • Just because you personally don’t want to hear about it, doesn’t mean it’s nonsense. (Oh, and I’d stay from from most entertainment podcasts if I were you, as most of them skew liberal.)

  6. Funny how people hear my stance on gay stuff and automatically assume I am liberal in all my politics.

    I tend to vote republican much of the time. I am definitely more conservative when it comes to fiscal issues, governmental control and tax stuff.

    But I am also a conservative that has decided to not be a freaking hypocrite when he says “people should live free, and make their own choices without government telling them how to live their personal lives.”

    I don’t just say that. I actually mean it.

  7. I download your podcast from iTunes and have been listening to it since launch and have been playing since pre-launch. I applaud you both for taking the stance you did in speaking in favor of same sex relationships within the game. I am currently a graduate student in theology (another way of saying I’m in seminary) and issues of freedom and justice are important in theological study. It is not a waste of time to discuss these issues. Some of my studies have turned towards looking at the “spiritual but not religious” category of people and the idea that people will “find meaning” in all sorts of ways. I believe in our modern era people are replacing going to church with the community they find elsewhere, and that could very well be the sort of community they find within MMOs. They are a mirror of our society and culture outside of the game and taking the time to discuss social implications within the game is important — but not without controversy. I am glad that you took the risk.

    With that being said I would like to commend you all in putting out a nice podcast that I have enjoyed through the weeks. During my break from classes I played this game so much I thought my wife was going to throw out the computer! I love the game and listen to several TOR podcasts but this one is the one I look forward to the most.

    Keep up the good work!

    • David, it seems that you have not learned much in seminary. I think that is why most people in the church call it cemetery because it seems to ruin the theology of so many people that attend. I have seen many of my friends lose their way after graduating from seminary. I sure hope that you don’t suffer the same fate, though it seems they are already changing your mind towards what Paul says about homosexuality in the New Testament.

      Don’t get me wrong. I am not one of those people that goes out and says mean and hateful things about a gay persons life. I do not hate gays like a lot of Christians seem to think is ok. I actually have a couple of friends that are gay and I pray that God will show them his truth but I don’t shove it down their throats.

      I think being gay has many deep rooted issues. I have known a couple of people that have gone through counseling that were gay and when they were done with two or so years of counseling they were no longer gay. One of them even told me that he now knows that being gay is not normal and that he believes that many people were gay for the same reasons that he was (childhood sexual abuse), etc. However, because the liberal lobby groups have done such a good job shoving it down our throats and making gays look like victims that many people are gay today just to be rebellious.

      I agree with one thing that Scott said. It is not the governments job to regulate our lives. I hate big controlling government. The government should not tell anyone how to live their lives. However, the gay lobby groups have been very successful and doing just that, shoving it down our throats. You want to be straight (fine), you want to be gay (fine) but whichever side you fall on, I don’t need to hear it. Keep your personal life personal.

      • What have they shoved down your throat? That they should be treated the same and have the same rights as everyone else? The horror! God forbid we keep your religion out of government, as is written in the Constitution.

      • Hmmm

        Too many issues that people are being too sensitive about. What on earth has happened to live and let live?

        I have been a part of the Christian community for over 40 years now. I’ve been through the fundamentalist thing, the Charismatic thing, the liberal theology thing — and you know what? Those who are most miserable in life are those who continually insist on putting their point of view over other people. They insist its scripture. They insist its love. But at the end of the day its about control.

        And that is where they depart from Christ himself!

        Any cattle farmers out there? of course there are! You just watch a field of bullocks. I have many times seen mounting going on there. Also seen male-on-male amongst dogs, wildebeast, bison, chimpanzees, turtles, water buffalo, yaks, guinea pigs and rabbits. Both in the wild and in captivity. And then folks have the gall to say it is not natural??

        Only in 2 places in the bible do we have an attack on same-sex relationiships (once from Moses, once from Paul). With a truly open-minded reading of scripture, we get a different message from parts of David’s story and even the gospel of John….

        Yet again, interpretation and mind control is enacted by so-called Christians.

        I say wake up and get real! At the end of the day, who put stylus to clay, or pen to papyrus, or whatever as was used in the original? Men! (and arguably in 2 cases women). Yes, scripture is given by inspiration of God, but except for a couple of very short passages none of it was dictated word – for – word. The instrument of writing was a human being and the inspiration had to pass through the filter of humanity, which means the actual writer will also, with the best will in the world, still be influenced by his/her own culture and personal ‘axes to grind.’

        God loves us, period. We are one in Him, period. All the divisiveness is the source of hatred, wars and so much Satanic glee.

        So who ya gonna please? Yourself, God or Satan?
        Who knows? Do you claim to? If so good for you — but don’t shuv it down my throat!!

  8. It bothers me a lot that many people carry on as though ToR is full of bugs, as though the game is broken and unplayable. The truth is It’s a fantastic game with minimal problems. Ultimately the main bugs people rant about are minimal issues and it seems to me, Bioware has been on the ball in getting them removed from the game really fast. And honestly, there is a LFG system already in the game, you lazy players just need to open up your social interface tab and use it! It’s simplistic so I guess that’s why players cry about it every week. We veteran mmo players remember the old days when games were hard and you didn’t have everything given to you on a silver platter – especially at launch. If your out in the middle of Hoth and you get an invite to raid, make a choice to stay there or go with them then make it happen. Warping around everywhere instantly takes too much out of the mmo. There needs to be some limitations so you can’t do it all the time, use your cooldowns wisely.

  9. An unrepentant gay will be thrown into HELL with all the Dammed lie speakers, whore mongers, witches and warlocks, and the unrepentant. ( inever play warlocks btw)

    This also goes for all the dammed heresy lovers in Utah of your state. To argue on line with strangers is soooooo dumb for all you know I could be an insane gay lesbian.

    I am not going to try to convince any dammed sodomy practicing person. The gay loving future pastor needs to get some kids scissors and cut up his bible and give the unwanted papers to some gay guys who can staunch their bleeding after their actions on each other. That is how much he believes it worthy so do it.

    Anyhow Scott – I still wish the best for you and Dills – I like to listen to you and you are sort of like my friends – I have no good friends as I am a great arse. BUT I AM STILL RIGHT. I hope both of you do well even though you may well be dammed for your disbelief and of course acceptance of evil like gays. I myself saved a gay man being beaten by gay haters so I am not one to hate like that. But, gay life and evil life in drugs or masturbation rooms like Dills wants for his Sith are not going to make children happy in the long term. Gay porn kids are twisted kids.

    I still have not bought the game yet. I think it sounds inconvenient with still no LFG system and how you say it is difficult to do bosses and flashpoints. maybe when it is more fixed.

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